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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Quilt It Wright - Part V The Finished Quilt

Quilt It Wright 

My improv quilt process inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

Part I HERE Inspiration
Part II HERE Piecing the top
Part III HERE Quilting
Part IV HERE Faced Binding

50" x 60"
The top is all Oakshott cottons
Batting is two layers of Hobbs black wool / poly blend
Quilting threads are Aurifil
2610 Light Blue Grey 28wt
2715 Robins Egg 28 wt
4140 Wedgewood Blue 40 wt
2784 Dark Navy 40 wt
Bobbin thread Aurifil 2600 Dove 50 wt

Why did I add the green in the middle?  
Well, one reason is that I've learned it's good to have a place in your quilt for the eyes to stop and focus, something not overwhelming, but a small pop.  
I may have intended in the beginning to add more greens to the whole piece. 
Or maybe I had no reason, except that the color was blended in with the blues and I liked it.

My helper

What I noticed about Fallingwater is the sweep of the eye.  You look up and center, with the chimneys, then your eyes sweep right, down and left.  

I attempted to do the same with the movement in the quilt
Center up, right, down, left

I loved putting together this quilt, I had the idea in mind for many months before I could start, and once I did start not everything went according to my plan.  The beauty of inspiration and improv is that you can change your plans along the way and make something even more beautiful than what you originally imagined.

Thank you for following along on my process of bringing to life 
Quilt It Wright


LethargicLass said...

I think you completely succeeded in bringing the essence to quilt form... love it!

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

I love the quilt you have ended up with, and thanks for documenting how you did it!

carla said...

Wow!!!! Beautiful!!!!! Love the way it turned out!!!!

textilejunkie said...

Thank you so much for posting this detailed series. I was fortunate to see the quilt at the Mid-Atlantic and LOVED it (as did the judges of course). Your timing couldn't be better for me - Just starting the design wall stage of a quilt using all Oakshott as well. Your series is helping me get the confidence I need to stop procrastinating and just jump in! I bought that gorgeous Lipari stack from Pinwheels while at the show (and MORE of the Thistle, among other colors). Such a treat to buy it in person. Your quilt is stunning - congratulations!

Unknown said...

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