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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The One When I Met Mr. Aurifil

Me:  I'm going to be driving to Richmond for a lecture next week.
Him:  Where?
Me:  A quilt shop
Him:  What's it about?
Me: Thread
Him:  Thread?  Just thread?  
Me:  Thread
Him:  I don't get you
Me:  The lecture is being given by the Italian Product Manager
Him:  An Italian man?
Me:  Yes
Him:  NOW I'm beginning to get you

Another quilter and I drove a couple hours to a nice quilt shop Quilters Corner to hear 
Mr. Alex Veronelli give a lecture on Aurifil thread.

Italians talk with their hands, all of my photos have movement

Mr. Veronelli gave a presentation on the process of producing Aurifil. I have been sewing with Aurifil for awhile and I know it is superior thread to work with, now I understand some of the 'why' it is superior.

Mr. Veronelli discussed the cotton, the twist, the weight, and the dying processes.  I gained an appreciation of what goes into the making of a spool of Aurifil thread.

One kilo of thread

Mr. Veronelli had several quilts with him that were made using Aurifil - 
including this one by Luke Haynes

Mr. Aurifil was not that bad to look at either, and I never pass on a photo op with an Italian man

A little bit of swag - my favorite piecing color in Aurifil, #2600.  I had the color card already, and I had Mr. Aurifil sign it for me

All in all a good quilting related day

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Canvas

Every other month in the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild we have a member swap.  This month's swap was a mini quilt swap with a summer theme.

I chose to use Canvas pattern by Leanne Chahley of She Can Quilt.  This is a well written pattern with measurements for many different sizes of quilt already figured for you.  

For the summer theme I chose several different shades of Kona solids that represented the sun and a neutral border color 

For quilting, I chose a variegated thread that had the same colors of the center block

This variegated thread changed the look of the center block, I think it added another element to the sun colors.  Making them seem to blend together.

My quilting pattern is called 'matchstick quilting', it is essentially lines of quilting very close together.  I went in one direction over the color portion of the mini, and the opposite direction for the border.  

There is a lot of texture to this quilting, I'm not sure I would want it on a bed quilt or lap quilt, but I think it is perfect for a wall hanging

For the binding, I decided to fuse and stitch the edges.  Fusing a binding is a little short cut if you are working on something that won't be washed much.  A mini wall hanging qualifies for fused binding.  I also stitched around the edge of the binding for reinforcement.  I had a bright green hand dyed fabric that went perfect with the summer theme.  

My mini was 14" finished

Keep Calm and Quilt On!