Sunday, September 29, 2013

Drawing from the LIST

I know you have a LIST - I have a LIST - or rather multiple LISTS.  The LISTS of WIPs and quilts and quilted things to make for our family, friends, quilty swaps, commissions, ourselves (seems to be always last, that one) and things we just want to make because we feel like it.

Most of my LISTS are mental.  I'm afraid to write it all down.  It would just keep growing.  Safer inside my head, where somethings are actually made, things are moved around from LIST to LIST, and a few things, well they just get forgotten about, so they didn't really need to be on any list anyway.  

A few days ago, I drew from my LIST of 'I just feel like it'.  It's as long as the other LISTS, and is also a WIP.

I started these blocks sometime in 2012.  I started them to use in a swap, and then decided I wanted a whole quilt from them.  I kept these and made others for the swap.

I made a lot more blocks a few months ago, but not enough for an entire quilt.  And had to put them back away to focus on some other LIST.

I dug the blocks and fabrics out again last week, and finished all the blocks I could, I ran out of a few fabrics and I didn't want to add too many new ones.  With a border this will be a good size sofa quilt.  (This photo makes the colors seem darker than they actually are).

Boom, Check.  This one is off the WIP LIST  and moved over to the 'I need to quilt this LIST'

While finishing up the top, I thought about someone that this quilt will make a nice fit.  That happens sometimes for me, when I'm working on a project with no one in mind for the quilt, as the top takes shape, it will remind me of someone, or the colors seem a nice fit for a friend.  I hope to quilt next week.  I had to put it away after the border addition to focus on something else from some other LIST with an actual deadline.  

Hope you all are finding time for sewing or crafting and finding your happy place.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall!

Sew Sew Modern 3

I know I have been absent - and I have lots to tell, but too much for one long rambling post.  I'll start off with the items I made for my partner in the Sew Sew Modern 3 swap.  I started with this paper pieced 6" star - p.s. I think it is 6" - I didn't write it down.  The pattern is from Wombat Quilts and is called Zeppelin.  

This is from my phone - hence the bad exposure,
I used this star on the back of a traveling sewing kit called All Sewn Up Sewing Kit by May Chappell.  I used linen on the outside and some fun fabrics on the inside.  There is a vinyl pocket you can see through with a zipper and pockets of different sizes to slip in a pen, notepad, scissors, whatever you need for your sewing travels.  

Another item I wanted to make for my secret partner was a pillow cover.  I used some of the same fabrics as the sewing kit for a paper piece pattern test for Chelsie Creates.  I love this star and I will make more of them!

I added borders to the 12" unfinished block and made it into a quilted pillow cover.  

I tend to stuff the pillows into a too small cover for real plumpness.  This may not work for everyone, but my partner can get a smaller form for the pillow cover and have it looser.  I used a zipper closure on the side of the pillow cover, my first time trying that.  I wasn't entirely happy with the way it turned out, but it worked and I will try it again on another pillow cover in the works.

Lastly, my partner will receive a oilcloth boxed bag.  I have made these before and I like one for traveling.  They can smooch up into crevices of your suitcase, they wipe clean and they look cute!  I think it is 8" long.  

I have a photo of all the items together, and it will not load.  So, just imagine all these pretties together in a box on their way across the country to a fellow sewist.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On!  


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fresh Sew Day - September 1

Unlike most people, I look forward to the ending of summer - summer is mostly work for us.   We never take a vacation in summer.  We have a boat - we have taken it out one whole day this entire summer.  We have property that always needs to be maintained and this summer was a lot of work towards that goal.  Our construction company works more in summer hours, which means more work for me.  Not complaining, I love our home and property, it just means work; and of course, I wouldn't complain about the business that keeps me in fabric.  So as I typed September in the heading - I thought - wheeeee!  Summer is over; by the calendar anyway.  

My August mosaic

The one thing I really wanted to make was the Travel Duffle in the first photo.  I did go on one short trip by myself to a family wedding and I wanted to have the bag for that trip - which I did!  Now my Grandmother wants one, and I'm supposed to be working on that.  

Two years ago I would not touch paper piecing with someone else's 10 foot pole.  Now I can't stop.  I saw this block on Instagram and wanted to make it immediately.  The pattern is from Kristy who blogs at Quiet Play.  There is a whole series of sewing related blocks and she just posted the 9th and final block today.  There are prizes for linking up your blocks.  I didn't know about this group until I made this block, but I think I'll be making more of the series.  

My block used a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabric scraps, I have wood floors, my closet doors are white, and my walls are the same color green (without the white bits).  

Photo 2Oilcloth totes I made one for the VBMQG swap and I gave the other to a friend.  I'll be making another for myself soon.  
Photo 3 - My row of blocks for a Flickr Swap - Strip Quilters
Photo 4 - Lined Drawstring Bag for a MQG swap - I should be getting one too.  
Photo 5 - Ohmagah love these two bee blocks!  I'll be making more of the Aurifil block.  
Photo 6 - made 3 of my Tula 100 blocks.  I have a total of 6 done.  Out of 100.  I feel a bit behind.  
Photo 7 - blocks for the VBMQG BOM
Photo 9 - this is a 6" paper piece star that will be part of something I'm making for the Sew Sew Modern 3 Swap.  This photo went onto Explore on Flickr - if this has never happened to you it is an honor but then it feels a little weird too as people you can tell aren't sewing related start commenting, and until you figure out the photo is on Explore you wonder what is going on.  
Photos 10,11,12 are all bee blocks

I did an intense cleaning of my sewing room in August.  Trying to keep it like that.  

This summer has also meant a huge lifestyle change for me - do to a medical condition I had to radically change my diet. Watch my protein and eliminate sugar.  And exercise.  No longer just a choice, but something I have to do to remain healthy.  Something I should have been doing - but now I am with more purpose and determination.  Giving up Starbucks was hard (loads of sugar) giving up sweet tea even harder.  I did not start using any artificial sweetener, I decided that would just be something else I would be addicted to and have to give up later.  I have lost weight, stopped snoring (according to those who share my bed) and I can fit into some clothes I had stored away - you know those 'I'll keep these for when I lose weight' clothes.  Well, I finally did fit into some of them!  

Happy September everyone!  Let's get to sewing (as soon as I get back from vacation)

Linking up Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sew Day.