Sunday, July 6, 2014

The One When I Met Mr. Aurifil

Me:  I'm going to be driving to Richmond for a lecture next week.
Him:  Where?
Me:  A quilt shop
Him:  What's it about?
Me: Thread
Him:  Thread?  Just thread?  
Me:  Thread
Him:  I don't get you
Me:  The lecture is being given by the Italian Product Manager
Him:  An Italian man?
Me:  Yes
Him:  NOW I'm beginning to get you

Another quilter and I drove a couple hours to a nice quilt shop Quilters Corner to hear 
Mr. Alex Veronelli give a lecture on Aurifil thread.

Italians talk with their hands, all of my photos have movement

Mr. Veronelli gave a presentation on the process of producing Aurifil. I have been sewing with Aurifil for awhile and I know it is superior thread to work with, now I understand some of the 'why' it is superior.

Mr. Veronelli discussed the cotton, the twist, the weight, and the dying processes.  I gained an appreciation of what goes into the making of a spool of Aurifil thread.

One kilo of thread

Mr. Veronelli had several quilts with him that were made using Aurifil - 
including this one by Luke Haynes

Mr. Aurifil was not that bad to look at either, and I never pass on a photo op with an Italian man

A little bit of swag - my favorite piecing color in Aurifil, #2600.  I had the color card already, and I had Mr. Aurifil sign it for me

All in all a good quilting related day

Keep Calm and Quilt On!