Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mini Quilt Swap

Last month I sent off a mini to a secret partner.  I like swaps, I find it fun to get something in the mail that is handmade, because when you make things you tend to not make anything for yourself.  This way you are making an item, but you get one too.

This was a Mini Quilt Swap

I started with half square triangles using Bonnie and Camille fabric.  These fabrics were not ones I would usually work with, my partner had requested them.  I like going out of my comfort zone and trying colors I wouldn't normally work with.

My partner also mentioned that she was a big tea drinker - so I added a quilted embellishment to the bottom of the mini quilt.

In the group there were some members who did not receive their Mini - sad that some would join and commit to a project and then just not do anything.  Anyway - I volunteered to make another Mini for one of the members who hadn't received.  This person I didn't receive details of what she wanted, but she did post a mosaic of some things she liked so I was able to pick something that I hope she will love.

I started with my bin of selvedges

Stitched rows down on to a base of Kona White

And on top added a pieced Aurifil thread spool block 

The Aurifil thread number I used to match the solid is #2605

I used a grid pattern for the quilting 

My Angel partner should receive in a few days, and I hope she loves it (because I kind of wanted to keep it after it was done!)

Back to some Christmas Sewing - still have lots to do and a short time to get it all done!

Happy Sewing
Keep Calm and Quilt On!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And the Stockings were hung before Christmas

For a change, I finished something Chrismtasy that I wanted for this Christmas, before next Christmas.  This was a feat.  

I wanted a handmade stocking for the Granbaby - I have never made a stocking.  I did have some Christmas fabric on hand that I bought a year ago, you know, for last Christmas.  
I looked at some pictures, read a few tutorials, thumbed through some magazines for tips, and then just jumped in.

I don't have progress shots, but I basically took my stocking, traced it on Kona White, and then used that as a template.

Front and back

I used fuseable fleece as the batting, and I quilted with metallic thread, first time using that thread, and I've had it for ages.  On the thread spool it said to turn your top tension to 1 and I used a metallic thread needle, everything worked fine for the free motion quilting.  

I used Kona White for the lining.

I used grey minky on the cuff, this made the seams a bit bulky, but I like the look.

The tab gave me trouble, I wasn't sure how to add it, I added it after the stocking was finished on this one, but on the next two, I was able to add it during construction. 

This turned out so well, I made one for my daughter and boyfriend for their new place, everyone needs a little Christmas, especially when you are just starting out.

Hello Kitty!

Dr Who!  (fabric from Spoonflower)

Keep Calm and Keep Christmas Sewing!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Totally Totes

Hi, I'm Mary - I'm a tote addict.  Along with all the other things I'm addicted to like fabric, patterns, notions, fabric,  zippers, thread, and I think I mentioned fabric.  

I meet once a month with a small group of sewists, and of course in December we have a fun Holiday get together.  We also have a yearly pillowcase project for a local girls home.  We each make a pillowcase and then we fill all the pillowcases with personal hygiene items.  When a girl gets one of these bags, she has a pillowcase to keep and hopefully some practical items she needs.  
Can I show you a photo of the pillowcases?  I would if it would load - which it will not.  

This year we also had a tote bag exchange.  I made up my tote, I figure I've made a few - I could wing it.  

To be honest, I had the ring of flying geese block already made from a prior swap.  The block didn't come in at 12.5", so I just hung on to it.  For this tote the block size didn't matter, I just wanted a focal piece that was colorful and fun for my partner.  

I used Riley Blake charm squares for the back.

The interior is bright and has a pocket.  The handles are sturdy cotton web.

My reading glasses for scale.

Detail of the quilting.

I would like to make a pattern for this bag - as soon as I can make another, remember to write everything down, measure while I'm working and take progress photos - I will do that!  I'm figuring not everyone can just make it up as they go.  It is a good size tote, sturdy, and nice looking.  I need one for myself!  Need.

And here is the bag I received.  I. Am. Amazed!

It's great when your friends know you so well.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On

Monday, December 2, 2013

How old are some of your WIPs

I have some really old ones (WIPs) - I am a quilt topper queen.  I enjoy the part of acquiring fabric, cutting it, piecing it back together into something, and then storing it away until one day I can magically have those extra ten hours every day for quilting.  I have many many tops that await for me to designate them worthy of quilting time, and some are probably older than this one.  

I remodeled my kitchen in 2008 - so sometime before that, I started this tablecloth, I assembled the entire top.  And then it was put away.  

When we remodeled, we did away with a table and we have an island with a granite table attached.  No need for a tablecloth now, and it isn't rectangular,  so this tablecloth went into some pile for maybe getting to later, but really doesn't have a purpose anymore, so who knows what will happen.  Here is a photo of the newer granite table, this photo was after a hurricane and we had lost power, so I had set up in the kitchen to use the generator.

I ran across this unfinished tablecloth again while my immense closet clean out was happening.  I decided that I would finish this one off and use it for Thanksgiving, because the whole thing was together, I didn't want to waste all the work.  I set up a folding table for extra seating on Thanksgiving, and this would do for that table.

I backed it with flannel, no batting and grid stitched the entire top.  And the flannel I had bought way back when too, and was with the tablecloth when I pulled it out.  Sometimes, I actually have a plan, I just don't remember all the plans.

The tablecloth turned out nice, and was used on Thanksgiving, I don't have a photo of that, but I do have a day after photo, when someone was exploring the extra furniture in the room.

Bunny stamp of approval.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!