Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flight Path

Thank you for visiting and reading about my quilt 
'Flight Path'

I drew the design for this quilt for the Oakshott Autumn Bundle 
and it is originally posted here.

The name of this quilt comes from a poem 
'On The Flight Path' 
about the migration of geese in the fall.  I thought of the poem while I was working on this quilt, as I wanted to show a migration of fall colors in the flying geese blocks.  

The quilting is matchstick, about 1/8" apart and I used 4 different Aurifil colors that matched the background colors, 28 wt quilting thread.  

All fabrics are Oakshott cottons
After washing 
42" x 62"

I am entering in Amy's Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival - Original Design.
I hope you will take a look at the other quilts and cast your vote, for me if it pleases you!  

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn Oakshott - Flight Path

Flight Path

Welcome to my stop on the blog hop for Oakshott Autumn 

Oakshott Autumn

It is as if Oakshott called me up and asked which colors do I want made -
All nice and tidy in one neat bundle!

Before I received the bundle I was processing and drawing out my idea.  The migration of colors in the bundle reminded me of geese migrating when the weather cools and Autumn colors appear.  

I wanted to reflect the color changes of reds, oranges, yellow and blues with different Autumn colored backgrounds in my quilt.

I had 4 different background colors I chose to work with, one for each color grouping of geese

Outback Rust
Oakshott cottons are almost luminescent.  I have used them in small projects, but this was my first quilt with all Oakshott cottons. 

There are 3 different sizes of Flying Geese blocks in each color section.  I used the Bloc Loc rulers for making my Flying Geese

Which gave me many of the half square triangles needed for each sashing section

I chose 4 different Aurifil threads (28 wt) to coordinate with the background Oakshott colors.  

While piecing I thought about the style of quilting I would use - and I settled on matchstick quilting.  Essentially straight lines very tightly spaced, about 1/8" apart, and the lines aren't really straight - straight, more organically straight.  Not following a ruler.

I had made two minis and a tote using this type of quilting, but this is the first full quilt
It is time and thread consuming.
22 hours of actual quilting and 23 full bobbins (not including the binding, which has yet to be added)

So, so worth it

Oakshott Autumn

The name 'Flight Path' comes from a poem On The Flight Path about migrating geese.

Oakshott Autumn

These photos were taken before binding and washing, quilting took so long I was going to run out of daylight - so another day for that.  
I will also have a tutorial for this pattern, there are a lot of photos and measurements for that and I am attempting to put those in PDF format so you can download.  I didn't want to post 30 photos in one post, so if you would like to see a pattern please come back in a few days.  

Thank you to Lynne of Lily's Quilts for asking me to participate in the blog hop, and a BIG thank you to Oakshott for providing all the quilt top fabrics.  I had a fantastic time designing and making this quilt.

Please visit some of the other quilters on their stop to see more fabulous quilts made from the same Autumn bundle

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Studio and Storage

I spend a lot of time sewing and crafting in my studio -
Which means it's usually a whole lot of mess.  I tend to keep the rest of my home neat, but this room often is left as is.

Sometimes I feel like I have too much stuff (not really)

It just could all be put away and I would feel better (if only I had gnomes to do that for me)

I took a few hours one day to move things around and change some storage.  There are days I want to be in my studio, but not necessarily sewing or crafting. 

Recently I made a large purchase of quilting threads by Aurifil ( I like to have any color I need at any given moment) and these all needed to be put away.

I  use tackle boxes and some other plastic bins I found at Target for most thread storage.  I like to have my threads in containers, the sewing room is very dusty and linty (not to mention bunny hairs) so I prefer it all to be airtight.

This is one of my book cases before some re arranging

I consolidated some projects that were in storage baskets, and moved books so that I could move my threads to the second to the bottom shelf (most of them).  The bottom shelf now is full of WiPs
I am aiming to have more open space and not feel crowded via better arranging and storage

I moved this table so it is out of my way, I kept bumping into it when I would get up from my sewing table, I am not using it to its full potential right now but I'm sure I will come up with something

I tidied up my mini wall above my cutting table - with plenty of room for future minis (the two on the left I made and the other three were from swaps and gifts)

One mini gets a place of honor, to view when you walk in the door.  This was a gift from Paul, whom I've become friends with on Instagram.  I LOVE this mini!

I put all my Oakshott fabrics in a new storage bin with a lid, and this went in the closet.  They were previously in a basket, and that is now on the bookcase shelf

Lest you think I'm not as messy as you are - this is still my counter top - I am currently ignoring this area until I get through some projects with those dreaded deadlines.  I can compartmentalize my cleaning like nobody's business

Keep Calm and Quilt On

Sew Together Bag

I made the Sew Together Bag for a recent swap.  This is a nice zippered pouch to make for a sewist, a person who hand sews or appiques, it even could be used as a travel bag because of all the zippered pockets.

I pieced together the outside and quilted first

My secret partner had a lot of triangles in her inspiration mosaic 

This was the second time I've made this bag, and the inside went quite a bit easier this time.  I think I have figured out zippers.  Finally.

My first attempt at the zipper binding was loosey goosey.  I eventually took it off and sewed the zipper binding back down so it fit better and didn't have all these bunches.  I'm not a fan of having to re do something, but I would rather take it off and fix it than send it off to someone else this way.

This is a pattern you can find on Craftsy 
This pattern is a bit complicated the first time you make it - this was my second time, and yes, a bit complicated the second time too.  But worth it.  You can find a tutorial with many photos here

Keep Calm and Quilt On

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Review

I actually remembered to do my review on the day it should be done.  Sweet!
On one hand, I got a lot done in September
On the other, I didn't do anything I listed in the goal setting party
And I didn't completely catch up on bee blocks - a new goal for October, plus everything I listed for September

Postage Stamp Quilt donated to Quilters Dream ALS Quilt Challenge

SewTogetherBag for a swap (will be blogged later)

Hello Kitty Wide Open Zip Pouch for the VBMQG swap

Still working away on my QAYG Joel Dewberry Herringbone quilt

Bee Blocks 

AND 1 Secret Squirrel project - 

Linking up with Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sew Day
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