Saturday, July 27, 2013

Far too much cuteness

It's my husband's birthday.  He is not one of those 'HEY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY' people.  He's more like 'today is Saturday' when it comes to his birthday.  I am totally the opposite, which I clarify prior to each birthday.  It is a special number birthday, and everyone else wanted to celebrate and I wanted to make him something.  If you have been to my blog or on Instagram you know we have a hoard five bunnies.  One is Bandit - and she is the special one.  Even though we pretend we don't play favorites.  

I made a paper piece Bandit, she looks like this.

This was some mini paper piecing.

The bunny block is only 5 1/2" 

I had to scab together time the last few nights before to get the pillow cover together before the big day, and I actually made the back the day of.  Nothing new there.  

 Trying to make a bunny pillow masculine.  (I must learn how to put in a zipper for these pillows.)

And now for all the cuteness, Bandit with her pillow.  I am allergic to the buns - so most of the care falls to my husband - and he says they give him stress relief from his business.  

She is only spoiled a little because she is so adorable.

You can find the pattern for this little paper piece bunny on Etsy - but there is only one Bandit.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mid Summer Sewing

As I re-learn every summer, summer time sewing is not for me.  Not because I don't want to, because my sewing list, sewing wants, and fabric closet is always on my mind.  Our business picks up in summer months which means my work load does also.  Our yard is really acres and they all require attention, not like a farm, but mowing mulching trimming and more mowing.  Family and friends come by for dips in the pool, and really, I'd rather be outside with them than inside with my machine (well maybe not REALLY, but I go outside anyway.)  

I have managed to get two things done in the last two weeks.  
One is a sweet SuperTote! 

I used Michael Miller's Nevermore line on the exterior pocket and the interior lining.  I thought this fabric was perfect for the recipient of this tote.  

The exterior pieces are Robert Kaufman Chambray in black.  I love this print!  I have plans for more items using this fabric in different colors.

The recessed zipper - I used a purse zipper that has two pulls and I think this will be perfect on this tote.  I'm going to use these from now on.  

Elastic pocket on one side and fitted pocket for cell phone, pens, small items on the other interior side.  

The pattern for this bag can be found on Noodlehead blog!

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July ALYoF Goals

A Lovely Year of Finishes - a new month - July - a time to wipe the slate clean and set up some goals for July.  Even thought it is already a week into July and I haven't sewn jack.  

1.  I need to make two more Super Totes.  One is a late gift and one for a workshop with the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild.  

2.  I need probably 16 more blocks to finish up this postage stamp quilt top.  I only want to get the blocks finished this month.  I'll worry about quilting it in another month.

3.  I want to get to the baby quilt that will go with this nursery set I made in April.  The baby has been born and I promised a quilt, but have yet to start it.  I should make it before he outgrows his crib.  

Linking up with the lovely Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts for the July A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Now, I have gone through and READ that she only wanted ONE item to finish - but hey, I'm going big this month!  

Q2 FAL Finishes

I went back and had a looksy at what I had listed for 2013 Finish A Long, this is for the second quarter.  Not off to a good start, not even remembering what I had listed.  Surprise!  I finished two of the three quilts I listed as well as started the third.  Go Me!  Here is my post for Q2 .

First I completely finished the baby quilt and it has been sent and well received.

You can see more photos in this post.

Second I put this quilt together and quilted it.  It is waiting to be given, but it will be soon.

More photos and details can be read here.  I feel good getting both of these done and off of my WIP list.

I started the quilting on my last item in the FAL, but it is not finished.  I'm not disappointed though, I want to take my time on this one, and it is going to be a slow process.  

So, that is my list!  I'm working on what I want to add for Q3 - getting two quilts finished and ready for cuddling last month feels great!  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fresh Sew Day

Sometimes I like my previous month review and sometimes can't believe how little I accomplished in the sewing department. Those slow months must be the ones I don't link up.   For June, I feel good, when I looked back it was more than I thought!  

There was two SuperTotes (pattern by Noodlehead, downloadable) and two Divided Fabric Baskets (also by Noodlehead, downloadable), one baby quilt quilted and sent, one bee top quilted and waiting to be given, the binding on another finished quilt, bee blocks, and cutting for the Lucky Stars QAL on QuiltStory.  

You can click the highlighted words to take you to my posts about those finishes.  All three of the quilt finishes were tops I had previously put together, which made everything go faster, so I might do that more often.  

I haven't shown the photos for this Super Tote, I sent it off last week as a late birthday gift.  

I used a linen blend for the exterior.  

Installed a magnetic snap for the large exterior pocket.  I made the straps about an inch longer than the pattern calls for.

I added a sewn in pocket on one side for cell phone, pens, or other items you want to just reach in and grab.  I used the interior lining pattern piece, made it shorter for pocket size, fused with SF-101 so the inside of the pocket looks nice and stitched up two sections for pockets.

Recessed zipper.  My sister in law should get this today.  I hope she likes it as much as I like mine!  
I follow most of Noodlehead's suggestions with the directions, using Duck, SF-101 on the exterior pieces.  It makes a difference.  I so use a longer zipper for my totes, that is just a personal preference.  

I am linking up with Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sew Day.  If you are visiting for the first time, I hope you will take a look around.  You can find my photos on Flickr and Instagram.  I am FairlyMerry on both sites.  I hope to see you again!