Friday, March 30, 2012


I had my bee mates in Sew 2 Speak put together these blocks for me.  I also had a group of local quilters make a few for me to make enough for the quilt top.  These are simple to make, actually simpler if you make them the way a Bento Box should be made.

My intention was a Bento Box quilt using the Michael Miller Going Coastal fabric line.  I didn't really know how Bento Boxes worked, and I had everyone make 4 sections instead of a big one that I cut into 4's.  Whatever!  It worked.  

With the borders!  This may be the quickest I have ever put together blocks from a Bee!  This will be for a friend of mine who is crabby sometimes, but loves to crab!  haha.  Just kidding about the crabby part, in case she reads this.  I have a few extra blocks and they will go on the back or maybe a pillow.

The final 4 Ring of Flying Geese for a Block Swap, I did such a great job getting these together.  Only 2 of them were too small and I had to re-do them both because they weren't for me and if they had been for me I would have left them alone because these are a lot of work.  There were actually 8 blocks in this swap, but these were the 4 I took a photo of together.  

A few of the March Bee Blocks I have completed this week.  It was a sprint to the finish, I procrastinated all month on getting my bee blocks complete.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hopping the Subway

FOREVER ago, last year this time, I was in a swap to make Tokyo Subway Map Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!

The Flickr group was ingenious!  There were 25 of us in the group and we each made 25 of one block.  Then we sent them to one person who sent us back one of each block to complete the quilt!  Mine was Block 3.  These were my 25 of Block 3, and I posted about them waaayyy back in May 2011.  It's a really long post, so you don't need to read it all, just go look at the pretty photos.  

As things happen in groups, we were left with 3 blocks to complete ourselves to make up the whole quilt top.  I finally made my last 3 this past week. I did have to re-work one block from the exchange, but I took it apart and when I re-sewed, it fit the rest perfectly.  Getting 25 blocks not from the same machine or quilter, is going to leave you with some ill fitting seams.  But, I have to say I was very happy that these blocks for the most part were very spot on.   

In a not to often glimmer of forethought, I had left all the numbered tags on each block, otherwise I'm not sure they would have went together, in any sort of cohesive order.  The map would have been going all over the place,  Line A would have taken you to Las Vegas and then hop on Line B which would take you to Pittsburgh.  Neither of which are in Tokyo, so there you go.  

And now, this baby is all together and ready for a back.  I'm not adding a border, I think it is gorgeous the way it is.  Thank you swap group ladies, I couldn't have put all those 2" squares together without you.

FLOS Received!

OMG!  I can not tell you how EXCITED and HAPPY I am to receive this beauty!  I totally saw it in the FTLOS  photo stream and I WANTED this package with the cutest little owl.  EVER.  This wonderful/ amazing set was made by Petra / Creative Mom2010.  I love this sewing machine cover and I so needed it.   

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FLOS2 Out The Door

I first attempted this block last year, this photo was my first one and you can't tell from the photo, but it is full of holes and the back is a mess.  Paper piecing and I were not good friends.  But, for reasons that are still unknown to me, I fell in love with this block.  I had avoided paper piecing like dessert on the first day of a diet.  But for me, like diets, my will began to fade soon after I had attempted this block, and dessert was back on the menu ~ in the form of paper piecing ~ actual desserts were never off the menu.  

And, whoa, stretching my sewing skills here, I even made a smaller version of the Ring of Flying Geese.  These blocks were made for my secret partner in FLOS2 Swap.  My first idea was to use both of these in a table runner, one of the items she requested.  I changed my mind after playing with the blocks for awhile, and I just couldn't decide how to fit in the block of the smaller version, but I also wanted to use it somewhere, which I did HERE .    

The template for the Ring of Flying Geese block is HERE, to make the smaller block I reduced the size before printing.  Be careful when you print, there are 2 directions of geese, make sure you print out 4 in one direction for your block.  I ended up making a second regular size version of the block for the table runner.  The finished block was 12" and the finished length of the table runner is 38".    

I went with some improv piecing for the center of the table runner.  With the precise paper piecing on each end, I thought the middle would be jazzed up with one) a little color and two) something not so formal.  The center colors were originally one piece, I halved it, added a strip of background color, and flipped one side of color strip when sewing back together.  

After putting together the two blocks with the center, the table runner just needed ends to finish it off.  I pieced the triangles to match the flying geese.  The background color is Kona Ash.

A little bit of punch in the center.  I kept the most of the quilting simple and understated.  Just outlining the geese in the ring and the squares, except for this bit in the orange.  I think my partner can add quilting if she would like more.  

This is the whole package that went out to my secret partner.  A zip pouch I made using the smaller ring of flying geese block, a fabric basket, the table runner, and a few sewing goodies.  I hope she loves them!  I loved being in this swap!

The back of the table runner, which is a Kaffe Fassett print, and you can see the cute zipper pull I added.  I'll need to make one of these fabric baskets for myself now that I know how, it was hard giving this one up!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Progress FLOS2

For my partner in the FLOS swap, I made a zip pouch using a small Ring of Flying Geese block.  I had made the block thinking I was going to use in the larger item I am making for her, but changed my mind and didn't want the block to go to waste.  

This is the back of the zip pouch.  

The next item I made for my partner is a fabric basket.  I used stiff fusible timtex (not sure how that is spelled) so the basket will stay upright.  I was able to iron on the front and back pieces, no quilting involved.  

The back of the fabric basket, or really she can say whichever way she prefers.  I really like how it stands up straight.  I had a hard time getting the side seams sewn, I might try something different if I make another basket.  

My two completed smaller items for my partner.  I hope she likes them!  

And the finishing touches are going on this piece for my partner.  I know it doesn't look like much here, but there is more!  I promise.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little bit of this, a lot of that

I really needed to get to updates for FTLOS2 swap, I have made more progress than this, but this is the only photo I have.  A little improv piecing as well as precise paper piecing.    

For a 12" block, this is taking a lot of effort and thought.  Most of one day I spent working through my ideas.  

Oh, right, this is something different from the FLOS2 swap, don't want mass confusion.  

I wanted this sign for the block, but this came out way to bright.  To see what I am working on check here.

Solving the problem by adding a piece of used tea bag over the yellow fabric before writing.  I used free motion to write the script with my machine.  

See that bit of gold on the dress ~ that is Godiva Chocolate wrapper.  I have a few more ideas, just not enough space in 12" to execute all of them.  I'll need more Godiva to get through this.  

I so loved making this zippy pouch, I knew there were more in my future.  This one is for our Aunt, I made if from scraps I have of her sons' clothing. I'm finishing a quilt for them (here), and I do have the top completed.  

I did a little quilting on the back for this one.  It is a simple pouch to make there is a tutorial here, well simple, after the first two.