Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting We Go!

The time has come to quilt.  Starting with this pinkbehemoth, it has to make a trip next month, so quilting we go!  

Freemotion detail of flowers in the Kona Pink borders and sashings.  I have much more quilting in the blocks, I didn't want to add too much to the pink areas, but it needed something.  Flowers, stems, leaves are the easiest to free motion.                   

 Had to make more of these.......
 To make more of these.........
 To go in this........but this is where this stops.  I do have all the blocks sewn together at this point, just not in this photo.  The rest of the blocks I received from a Bee.   It needs a border and I'm stumped for the moment.  Luckily, I have lots of sewing and unsewing to occupy me.
 I have made the Dresden Plate before, and really, it isn't that hard.  Except when you don't follow the directions very courteously given to you by the Queen Bee of the month.  I sewed it down with a zig zag, beep, wrong!  I didn't line the center circle, beep, wrong!  I zig zagged the center unlined circle, beep, wrong!  So, I spent American Idol unsewing this pretty block - and completing correctly.  Humbled, for sure.
Cute, very cute, Christmas Bee block for Erin - I added buttons, hope they stay in place.  Erin so nicely provided Kona White for the background, which I later folded up and added to my Kona pile whilst cleaning.  When I went to place the stocking on the background, no background to be found.  I REALLY hoped I had placed it with mine, and after reading her instructions, which said Kona White (what a relief!),  I was good to go.  It was not my week for Bee Blocks.
 I kept thinking about the pile of blacks that had shades of blue that I discarded from the other Circle project here.  I think this blue goes nicely.  I have a plan, which I'm working on and it involves circles.  But sewing things have a way of meandering from what I see in my mind, what I may draw on a napkin, and what ends up stitched.  I have a blue wall in my sewing room and this blue matches nicely.
 But I also have 3 lime green walls in my sewing room.  Actually, I think it was called asparagus, but, that only matters when I'm matching paint hues,  it is similar to this lime green.  For which I have no plan at the moment, but they are looking luscious and tropical.  I think I'll go get a drink with an umbrella in it.


Spontaneous Threads said...

wowie! you have been busy!!!! The quilts and the dresden circle are yummy.

Mary Menzer said...

I was at a quilt retreat for a week with a local group, and it was just sew, sew, sew! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Anonymous said...

A walking foot is aye getting.