Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mini Quilt Swap

Last month I sent off a mini to a secret partner.  I like swaps, I find it fun to get something in the mail that is handmade, because when you make things you tend to not make anything for yourself.  This way you are making an item, but you get one too.

This was a Mini Quilt Swap

I started with half square triangles using Bonnie and Camille fabric.  These fabrics were not ones I would usually work with, my partner had requested them.  I like going out of my comfort zone and trying colors I wouldn't normally work with.

My partner also mentioned that she was a big tea drinker - so I added a quilted embellishment to the bottom of the mini quilt.

In the group there were some members who did not receive their Mini - sad that some would join and commit to a project and then just not do anything.  Anyway - I volunteered to make another Mini for one of the members who hadn't received.  This person I didn't receive details of what she wanted, but she did post a mosaic of some things she liked so I was able to pick something that I hope she will love.

I started with my bin of selvedges

Stitched rows down on to a base of Kona White

And on top added a pieced Aurifil thread spool block 

The Aurifil thread number I used to match the solid is #2605

I used a grid pattern for the quilting 

My Angel partner should receive in a few days, and I hope she loves it (because I kind of wanted to keep it after it was done!)

Back to some Christmas Sewing - still have lots to do and a short time to get it all done!

Happy Sewing
Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Leanne said...

Those are both such fun mini quilts! Wonderful that you stepped up to be an angel, it is really unfortunate when folks don't come through on a swap, especially when it is not explainable by some unexpected problem. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

tubakk said...

Oh, you're so sweet. I love both of your quilts. A pity I'm not your partner.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Those are both so great! I hate when people don't finish what they committed to. It's so sad for those who don't get anything and worked so hard. Kudos to you for stepping in and helping out. :)