Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nursery Sewing

I'm still calling it 'sewing' even though it was mostly cutting and tying.
My gran girl will make her entrance real soon and I'm helping with the finishing touches on the nursery.  My daughter in non-traditional, and we were searching for a way to hide the bottom of the crib without using a traditional bed skirt.  I came across this post on Instagram.

Taking the blank page of the crib

We chose a variety Alsion Glass fabrics, these will go with something else for the room.  The parents both like patch work and didn't want one particular color. These different Alison Glass fabrics fit the bill perfectly.

I free cut the strips different widths and we tied them on a cotton cord.  I mostly had fat quarters so the lengths ended up being about the same.  

It was a fun project that we could do together.  It didn't take long to finish because there wasn't any sewing!  We know it will eventually have to come down when the baby begins crawling and climbing, but for now its a fun colorful addition to the nursery. 

After this photo we tied a few more around the corners and side to hide more of the cording

Made the baby her minky and flannel blanket for her too.  The Mom is sleeping with it so it will smell like her for the baby.

And we did a little pre baby photo shoot, this is one of my favorites, catching the parents in a moment of fun and laughter.  Now if that baby would just make her entrance! 

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

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Leanne said...

That's a great idea and later it could be hung at the top of the wall as a bunting if they still like it.