Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cargo Duffle / Camera Bag

I showed you how I dressed up my camera strap in this post. Next up I wanted a snazzy handmade bag to carry around my equipment.  
I chose the Cargo Duffle by Noodlehead, this is a free pattern.  I laid out the measurements of the bag and hoped it would be the right size, even if it wasn't I knew I wanted to make the duffle, and it would be used.  

I chose Mochi Dot by Momo and a Paula Nadelstern print for the exterior and waxed canvas for the bottom gusset and sides.  I like to use waxed canvas on the bottom of bags so I don't have to worry about setting them down on the ground.  
Here is the Etsy shop where I purchased the waxed canvas.

The two exterior panels finished

If you want a crinkly aged look to your canvas you just wad it up in a ball and squish it around to get the wrinkles

I used waxed canvas on the pocket flaps and also around the cotton webbing I used for the handles.  I think the waxed canvas wears better than quilting cotton for handles.

I used a different color Mochi Dot for the back of my cargo duffle

I did add some quilting lines to the bottom gusset, I don't usually add quilting to the waxed canvas, but I had a seam I wanted to hide.  If quilting the waxed canvas, space the quilting lines further apart than you normally would

The Cargo Duffle is a bit larger than I thought for a camera bag - but I remedied that by adding smaller bags and pouches for my lenses, charger, and miscellaneous supplies inside the duffle.

This pattern does not have a lining, but there are several blogs on line who have added a lining.  I didn't add a lining to mine, the interior is canvas.  I used fusible fleece as my batting and added D links to the side so I can make a detachable longer handle for over my shoulder.  The only other thing I added was a strip of velcro on each side interior for padded dividers for my camera equipment.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Leanne said...

Your bag looks great, you will have loads of room in it for the camera stuff. I like that waxed canvas, I might have to try some.

Lisa Lisa said...

Wow! It looks great!

carolaj3 said...

I like your fabrics. The waxed canvas will give it some strength.

elnorac said...

Your bag is lovely! Thanks for sharing it and for providing a link to the shop where you got the waxed canvas. Did you use waxed canvas for the inside layer, or a different type of canvas? I'm planning to make one of these and am trying to work out my materials. I'll check back on your blog to see if you answer. Thanks!

Cambagcom said...

I am very surprised that you could find so many stylish bags for women. I’ll send any female photographers to this blog if they have requests that could be fulfilled with these ideas. Good job to the author!

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Danny said...

I chose the Cargo Duffle by Noodlehead, this is a free pattern. ...