Saturday, October 18, 2014

Studio and Storage

I spend a lot of time sewing and crafting in my studio -
Which means it's usually a whole lot of mess.  I tend to keep the rest of my home neat, but this room often is left as is.

Sometimes I feel like I have too much stuff (not really)

It just could all be put away and I would feel better (if only I had gnomes to do that for me)

I took a few hours one day to move things around and change some storage.  There are days I want to be in my studio, but not necessarily sewing or crafting. 

Recently I made a large purchase of quilting threads by Aurifil ( I like to have any color I need at any given moment) and these all needed to be put away.

I  use tackle boxes and some other plastic bins I found at Target for most thread storage.  I like to have my threads in containers, the sewing room is very dusty and linty (not to mention bunny hairs) so I prefer it all to be airtight.

This is one of my book cases before some re arranging

I consolidated some projects that were in storage baskets, and moved books so that I could move my threads to the second to the bottom shelf (most of them).  The bottom shelf now is full of WiPs
I am aiming to have more open space and not feel crowded via better arranging and storage

I moved this table so it is out of my way, I kept bumping into it when I would get up from my sewing table, I am not using it to its full potential right now but I'm sure I will come up with something

I tidied up my mini wall above my cutting table - with plenty of room for future minis (the two on the left I made and the other three were from swaps and gifts)

One mini gets a place of honor, to view when you walk in the door.  This was a gift from Paul, whom I've become friends with on Instagram.  I LOVE this mini!

I put all my Oakshott fabrics in a new storage bin with a lid, and this went in the closet.  They were previously in a basket, and that is now on the bookcase shelf

Lest you think I'm not as messy as you are - this is still my counter top - I am currently ignoring this area until I get through some projects with those dreaded deadlines.  I can compartmentalize my cleaning like nobody's business

Keep Calm and Quilt On


Colleen said...

I was going to post a comment saying something like, "What do you mean, messy? Your room looks pretty neat." Then I came to that last picture. LOL.

My sewing room is messy most of the time too. But, I can always (well, almost always) find what I need when I need it.

liz said...

Thanks for keeping it real! I can barely walk into my sewing room right now. I do wish for a fairy with a magic wand!