Sunday, May 1, 2011

Whose got the blahs?

COULD NOT decide on a paint color.  I believe I spent $35 in samples and took like 3 weeks to decide.  
Haven't done much in the sewing room these last few weeks.  Which is a nice time to straighten, organize, and shop for more fabrics.  I'm going to share some photos of my sewing studio - this was my youngest son's bedroom.  I had my sewing room in the room above the garage, and that was just too hot - what with the iron, lights, hot flashes, and machine going.  As soon as my son graduated and graduated out to our little apartment, his room was mine.  I coveted wood floors to sweep all threads and fabric leftovers easily into the bin.  
 Well, my husband deemed the TV as the most important object - and went out and bought it without even checking with me.  I'm not complaining.  Now, if only I had DVR back there, all would be heaven.

Closet before........
Closet after with my awesome shelves, obviously nothing was moved out of the old room at this point. I took my time moving equipment and fabrics.  There is still a closet full of fabric in my old room.

I was trying to stay neat and pretty, this lasted for the first week.  The closet now has way more than this in it, and the shelves are bowing, but they aren't falling.  

This wall is now green, I started with more blue in the room, now there is more green.  The wall with the TV stayed blue.  This window was replaced with a white one without crosshairs. 

My awesome new cabinet hardware.  

Cabinets before hardware.  

And, after my husband installed the hardware.  I know that drawers should have pulls, but I had 3 pulls and 4 drawers, so this is how I roll. Rebel.  

Thread spools and tape measure.

He also put these hooks inside the doors so I can hang blocks, tops, and other junk.  See, closet much fuller now.  

The other door with hook.  My husband is awesome at hanging hardware.  
First item on the wall other than design wall.  I take a long time to decide what goes on the wall.  Once I decide, that is it.  Forever.  
So, that is some of my room, I also have the ironing board, two irons, the stand the steam iron sits on, one big wall with a design wall which was another reason I wanted this room - my old room didn't have a large enough wall.  I still need lights and a good rug - all in good time.  I love laying out my tops on the floor - I love sewing in my new room - just have to get back in the swing of sewing.

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Spontaneous Threads said...

OK, wow! I liked the lighter green/yellow paint colors and am envious of that lovely sewing table! and the wood floors! And the organized closet. Lucky you!!! Create away and smile at your great space.