Monday, May 23, 2011

Slowly Breaking The Sewing Slump

I just haven't been feeling the sewing bug for over a month, did a few 'had to get done' items, but the deadline for a big Flickr swap was fast approaching.  I have a huge hole in my heart and life, but life does happen to go on, whether you want it too or not, and something like sewing and fabrics and quilting that gives me so much happiness and pleasure, I'm ready to let it back in.  This is one block from an Aqua and Orange Bee, I made 2 actually.  This was one item that was behind, but I emailed the Queen Bee, and she was very gracious with her patience.  Now, she should have her little wonky cute log cabins.   For some reason this block was a BLOCK in my mind, I just couldn't get started, but when I did, it was easy.  Like most Log Cabins, not sure what I was all uptight about.        

I went to  work on the 25 blocks for the Tokyo Subway Map swap that I had to complete by May 20.  Sidebar - I just love my view.  Please note the ladder standing outside my window.  Waiting for my dear dear husband of 25 years to caulk the window.  Five months it has sat there.  Five.  We might see 26 years, we might not.  I know you too have a husband, and totally understand. You may actually have a ladder or a stool that has sat somewhere for over a year even.  I'm shooting for a year.   

Bits and ribbons and strips and parts for Tokyo Subway block #3.  Ummm, yeah, measure BEFORE you sew all those strips together, or you'll be doing it again.  And again.  So, I have some strips sewn together that are going to make part of an awesome back when I get all my Tokyo Subway blocks and put them together.

Assembly line.

All TWENTTY FIVE Blocks complete.  I was a day late, and had some massive guilt, oh, they are going to think I'm a terrible quilter, I can't be on time, they'll post bad things about me and I'll get kicked out of the group!  After all there were 24 other gals waiting for these, and I wouldn't go look at what the other were saying while I was plowing through these.  I swear I did start them way before the last minute!  But then on the group, when I was posting that I was actually done, I wasn't the only one a day late!  yay!  No more guilt, whew.  I should work on that.  I just love this block.  

And, so, I am feeling inspired, and want to work on something new, forget the 80 100 other things I have already started!  I want something new to work on!  Something pretty and in my colors!  I pulled this very pretty bird fabric that I had put away after the Mid Atlantic Quilt show in 2010.  I worked with -I'm going to name drop now - John Flynn in his booth for a few years.  He is a very nice man, and sells that quilt frame thingamajiggy.  Well, I was stuck in that booth staring at the booth across from me for 3 days, had money to spend so ran over there and spent it.  I really wanted this bird fabric and she had it on a bolt, I didn't act quite quick enough and the bolt disappeared.  As soon as that happened, I was like, whah, whah, I wanted that fabric, and she was like, I have it in a kit, please don't cry, because I, really, almost was.  I didn't really want the kit, it had a pattern, it had fabrics I didn't want,  but I did want the bird fabric more than I didn't want the kit.  So, even though, I almost cried, and I got two yards of this beutimous fabric the kit has sat for over a year, in a basket, just waiting it's little turn.  So, I am feeling like working with these colors, doing something really cute, and I want to work with this fabric.  Some of these fabrics were actually in the kit, but I added and deleted and definitely didn't use the pattern.   The pattern part bugged me for some reason.  It isn't bad, just not, I don't know, good?   

As I am pressing, I'm thinking, this fabric is soooo familiar.  I haven't looked at it for a year.  Why?  

Because I am insane and I have it 3 other color ways that I bought this year from Hawthorne Threads and it is all the Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 collection.  The cream color way must be from the first collection.  I think I may need some serious help.  What am I going to do with this in 4 color ways? Sewiously?  Do I really think I need this bird in a quilt in 4 different colors?  Well, I think I will let that little ladder situation slide for now, as long as he doesn't find out about this glutenous splurge of fabric purchasing.  Because, yes, I bought all the co-ordinating fabrics.  All.   

I have cut up the co-ordinating fabrics that go with the cream Aviary fabric.  You know, the original one I bought and loved so much bought again again and again.  The other color ways are being hidden away for now.   


Issabella The Cat said...

This post made me laugh so hard!
We have a metal curtain tie back sitting on 8 month now, it has in all fairness been moved around the flat whenever I've tidied up, left in prominent places, alas so far it has never made it to the wall!
And just to make you feel better I keep forgetting I bought Kaffes jungle paisley (I think thats the name!) I see it online and think "Oooh thats lovely!" and now also have it in all colour ways :)

Mary said...

Well, apparently, he needed the ladder because he moved it! But he still didn't caulk the window, so the ladder will be back.
I have MANY Kaffe Fassett fabrics in all their different color ways! Can't resist, if you love it once, you can love it triple or quintuple!