Monday, June 6, 2011

Boom. Done. Got. That Done.

Yes, Finally.  I got that binding on.  I't's been sitting, prepared for at least 2 months.  I just sat down, Saturday and got that baby on.  Felt. So. Good.
PInk Rows Finished
My patient husband, finished with the patience.  Thanks honey! 

Oh, my word.  Had many Bee blocks to do!  Aqua and 'Orange' Bee - she wanted Red instead, and I love the red, sweetie!

Arrghh!  Waverunner.  No, really it was simple, here is a tutorial we used!

My very special Christmas Tree block for a Christmas Fabrics Bee.  This Bee has the most talented quilters.  

There, been a busy Bee'r and ticking things off the list.

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H2Ogirl said...

Lovely finished quilt. I am amazed how many of us choose HST's to play with in the Aqua and Orange bee. Keep it up missy