Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting my Bee on

Working this week on getting some Bee blocks in the hopper, and on time.  This is one of two blocks for Lael in Honey Bees II on flickr - she is making a quarter log cabin quilt that should be striking with the soft colors and splash.
September Block for Lael Honey Bees II

Postage Stamp block for a swap.  This is only #1, I have a lot to make, I have stacks of 2.5" squares cut and ready to sew.  
Postage Stamp

I am making 5 blocks for the ladies in the NuBees group.  They each supplied a color combo and I came up with the block.  This is the one I have completed, I chose the Uneven Stacks block.  I have wanted to do this block, and now I have a chance, I might use this in a future bee.
Uneven Stacks for NuBees

This is literally the most challenging block I have ever put together, over and over and over again.  We were supposed to make 2, but after taking the first one apart over, and over, and over - I lost one of the pieces, so thank you, I only had to finish one.  This is called the interlocking rings, I think.  It was interlocking my brain into a mush.  But, I did conquer it, and only 2 weeks late.  And this is the last block for the Christmas Bee.  
Christmas Bee - Kari
Now, I have some September blocks completed, completed all my August Bee blocks, and somehow have 3 sets of a round robin I'm in.  Apparently, I am behind on that one.  And for some reason, that is utterly beyond my comprehension, I started a new Bee, it was while my brain was mush on the above block.


Brookquilt said...

And I love you for doing that even though you were in a mush state of mind..... I owe you!

Brookquilt said...

Also, this block is fantastic. Your hard work (and unsewing) was worth it.

Mary Menzer said...

Yes, Brookquilt, you owe me.....I shall collect!

Leanne said...

The bee blocks are all so lovely! I guess not every one is going to go on one's list of things to make again. I like them for the connection to others, I am not surprised you joined another!

Leanne said...

Your bee blocks are lovely!