Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sherbet Pips Blocks Beauty

These are the fabrics I started with for my Sherbet Pips quilt.  This is going to be a gift, I want this quilt to be special and have meaning.  Sometimes, after I get going on a quilt that will be a gift I worry that the recipient is not going to 'get' the quilt.  I don't want to over-explain my meanings to people, but I feel as if they need to know the value I have placed on their quilt.  Not the monetary value, but why I find them 'quilt worthy'.  

I thought this was going to be 5 rows by 5 rows.  The blocks were 11" unfinished.  Looking at it on the wall I didn't feel it would be large enough to snuggle under on the couch or have a picnic on.  

I added one more horizontal row to the bottom.  I had very little of the Girl on The Swing print.  I almost left it out, because I felt like hoarding it.  I did end up using it, as I was working on the blocks, I realized that if I thought it was so pretty, so would the owners of the quilt.  And I wanted the little girl feel of the prints.  There are 4 blocks with Girl on The Swing with the white background.  That was pretty much all that  I had.  I have an idea for the back now that the top is complete.  I want to use all the prints in the Sherbet Pips collection, I don't want left overs.  This will be the only quilt I make with the Sherbet Pips.  Some later time I will talk about the recipients and why I made them this quilt.  

Yay!  Bee Blocks Done.  This is for Sew Modern Bee and Rachel also is working with Sherbet Pips!  Her quilt will have a completely different feel than mine, but I love this line, and I can't wait to see all her blocks together.

These blocks are called Fractured Starburst and there is a good tutorial HERE.  Carrie provided a paper piece template to use, as her blocks are larger than in the tutorial.  I used the template for this block using fabrics she provided.

I've made this block BEFORE, and it took a few tries to get this one right!  I made this block with my fabrics to send to Carrie.  I felt like I needed to prove to this block that I have it down pat.  

This block, another paper pieced, is for a LQG.  It wasn't hard, but it did take awhile, and I can see why she wanted a group to make these blocks!  We were asked to make our own center.

I have to say this is going to make a striking quilt.  These were presented to Peggy at our meeting.  

I'm selling my Mom's Bernina 145 if anyone is interested.  She moved up!  

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Leanne said...

That quilt is stunning! I am sure that it will be loved by the lucky recipients!