Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone Quiltin' Bee - Granny Squares Squared

I have been making a few Granny Square blocks for Bee Mates.  This one was for Gone Quiltin' Bee April.  

These were for the same Bee, different Queen.  And in making these, I decided, that, hey, I just might love this block.  

Now it is my month in the same Bee, I'm going for the same block, but I have a little extra to finish off the block.  I suggested we might change our name to the 'Granny Square Bee'.   These are my fabric pulls.  More Kaffe Fassett from the KF store that is in my closet.  

Shelley (Brookquilt) thought these blocks could use a triangle on the end of the rows for finishing, instead of cutting the blocks off.  GREAT IDEA!  I used the Easy Angle to cut the triangles.  Those of you that don't own an Easy Angle, it is a great tool for cutting these triangles.  You don't have to use that friggin quilters math to make a square some odd measurement of 5 and whatevers to cut in half.  You cut your strip the size you need, in my case 2 1/2", and use the Easy Angle ruler to cut the triangles.  They are now the perfect size for your row.  

This is the layout for the original block, I am using a solid purple Kona for the center.  

Here is the layout adding the triangles on each end of rows for finishing.  

I found when sewing the rows to each other, it was best to pin to keep the seams lined up.  

Leave these 2 corner triangles off until you have all rows sewn together.  

Viola!  Finished block.  I believe this block should be 12" unfinished.  I was a little off on one side, nothing that a little creative sewing can't take care of.  After completing this block, I decided to eliminate the grey Aboriginal Dot, and the dark reds, the grey blended with the Ash Kona background and the reds didn't allow the purple center to stand out.  

This second sample is using the new colors, I was a little more careful with my seams and this one came out closer to the desired 12" unfinished.  I may still eliminate the pink Aboriginal Dot, as it stands out the most, but I might leave it.  It's still in the running.  

Even though I'm not using these colors in the top block, I still may use it as a pillow or a piece of the back, like ice cream, there is always room for more.  

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