Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not panicking, not at all

Uggh, I dislike washing my fabrics before using them.  However, I read somewhere that washing fabrics first for siggy blocks was a good idea.  I like good ideas more than I dislike pre-washing fabrics, so washing it is.  

More of what the dryer spits out.  I think this may be the first time I have ever pre-washed fabrics.  Not fond of the extra steps.  Especially the washing.  And the ironing, gadz, pressing fabric, the worst!  Ok, it isn't really that bad, the pressing I mean, the washing is still pretty bad, ranks right of there with not being able to sew.

I had a BRILLIANT idea, I am making a signature quilt for my son and my new daughter in law to be for their wedding.  This brilliant idea occurred and was uttered before they moved their wedding date to only 3 weeks from the date we began talking about a wedding at all.  Brilliant.  Also I had almost none of her preferred colors of teal and orange.  I do, on the other hand, like to fabric shop, and any excuse to do that, well, I'm free all day, so it was sort of OMG/YAY kind of feeling.

I, who never says 'no' to any bee, hemming emergency, patch sewing on, or child, am up to the challenge of getting all these siggy blocks ready for the reception.  

No panic going on here, all the way up until the guest list swelled to over 120.  Only 70 more siggy blocks to go and 3 days until wedding.  Lallallaaa, I am not panicking.

I even finished some Granny Squares for a Bee.  I will be right back, I promise.  


Nicole said...

You can do it, Mary! Keep going!
Love your granny blocks!

Kelly said...

Love the granny blocks and the fabrics you chose for you siggy quilt. I hate washing fabrics with a passion and avoid at all costs ;-)

Leanne said...

Wonderful idea, I am sure you will be done in time. I prewash every bit of fabric I use, but most people do not.