Sunday, September 29, 2013

Drawing from the LIST

I know you have a LIST - I have a LIST - or rather multiple LISTS.  The LISTS of WIPs and quilts and quilted things to make for our family, friends, quilty swaps, commissions, ourselves (seems to be always last, that one) and things we just want to make because we feel like it.

Most of my LISTS are mental.  I'm afraid to write it all down.  It would just keep growing.  Safer inside my head, where somethings are actually made, things are moved around from LIST to LIST, and a few things, well they just get forgotten about, so they didn't really need to be on any list anyway.  

A few days ago, I drew from my LIST of 'I just feel like it'.  It's as long as the other LISTS, and is also a WIP.

I started these blocks sometime in 2012.  I started them to use in a swap, and then decided I wanted a whole quilt from them.  I kept these and made others for the swap.

I made a lot more blocks a few months ago, but not enough for an entire quilt.  And had to put them back away to focus on some other LIST.

I dug the blocks and fabrics out again last week, and finished all the blocks I could, I ran out of a few fabrics and I didn't want to add too many new ones.  With a border this will be a good size sofa quilt.  (This photo makes the colors seem darker than they actually are).

Boom, Check.  This one is off the WIP LIST  and moved over to the 'I need to quilt this LIST'

While finishing up the top, I thought about someone that this quilt will make a nice fit.  That happens sometimes for me, when I'm working on a project with no one in mind for the quilt, as the top takes shape, it will remind me of someone, or the colors seem a nice fit for a friend.  I hope to quilt next week.  I had to put it away after the border addition to focus on something else from some other LIST with an actual deadline.  

Hope you all are finding time for sewing or crafting and finding your happy place.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Jan Baker said...

I don't suppose it could be you that the quilt would be perfect for. It's amazing how few quilts are in the home of a quilter.

Leanne said...

It is a lovely set of colours and fabrics to work with. I hope you have fun quilting it soon.

qwilltr said...

Looks lovely, Mary!

I am going to try to get something done today. I got my Dad's little quilt all together now I just need to fuse it permanently so I can stitch the pieces on our sew day. I bought the most adorable monkey fabric right after I made Alyssa's quilt...what should I make for her with it? A doll blankey for her monkeys????