Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flipping Twisted

This one comes from my LIST of deadlines.
New group alert Crazy & Twisted Quilters - I love that name.  

The idea is to design a quilt in sections, make your section, and send everything to the next person in your group, and she adds a section to your quilt.  
Oh, it is quilt-as-you-go.  
Have I ever done QAYG before? No.
Do I know how to do QAYG? No.
Did I read everything before jumping into the group and realize I would have to do this on other people's quilts that I care how it turns out? No.
I love quilt groups!

Here are my colors (from a night time phone photo)

Lime, Blue, Grey and Kona White background.

I took my inspiration from a quilt and technique in the book Quilting Modern - Swirling Medallion using the Stitch and Flip Triangle technique.  First you need a lot of HST.  

Then you play around with the design.

I went with the first design, but the others were fun too, and I see more playing with this technique in my future.  This is my beginner section for the Crazy & Twisted group.  I have a design for the others to make sections and they will choose how to compliment this piece.  

And then I went to the QAYG part.  I looked at several on line posts about QAYG and also looked at many many many photos.  
I had thread breakage with the perfect thread color for the lime.   Eventually I had to abandon this color and go with something less perfect that wouldn't break every two minutes.

I used Quilters Dream cotton batting, and I am leaving the back off until I get all the sections back.  I will join the sections and quilt the back onto the sandwich.

My section is 29" square.  My quilting turned the top lumpy.  Something that normally wouldn't bother me, but this time it did.  I have to send this on to someone, it isn't a finished project that can go in the magical washing machine to shrink up and lumps and bumps no longer matter.  Other people will SEE this in it's unwashed lumpy state.  

I put up a photo on Instagram, and texted another member - who all reassured me the lumps didn't matter.  I was ready to unpick the quilting and start over, but now I'm not.  It will go on in it's lumpy state for better or worse.

I will practice my QAYG skills before subjecting other members quilts to my beginner technique.  

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FiberofAll Sorts said...

Oh it's fantastic! You my dear are a kindred spirit. This is going to be a rocking group. ♥

Your start is amazing.

Leanne said...

It is supposed to turn lumpy when you quilt it, the seams draw in and all that. I think it looks wonderful and that you will have so much fun in your group.