Friday, March 14, 2014

For Brandy

When Brandy bunny came to live with me, I wanted to make her a special pad, for her to lay on in her cage.  I used some of my precious Japanese fabric charms I had from a swap.  Brandy is worthy of my Japanese stash.

I used 2 layers of batting and Japanese fabric on the back.  I like the thicker Japanese fabrics for something that I want to be sturdier than just quilting fabric.

I think she likes it.
Bunny approval

One of the things I did to organize my sewing room was go through my scraps

I had them all in a large bag and spilling out on the floor around the bag.  

I have 4 scrap buckets now, sorted by colors and one for solids.  Makes it a lot easier to find a small piece, rather than sorting through the whole pile.

What does this have to do with Brandy?  She likes to use them as a step to see out the window.

She will also jump up on my chair and get on the sewing table to see what I'm working on.
Everything warrants bunny approval

Keep Calm and Quilt On

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