Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Got Rabbits?

You may know from my Instagram feed (Fairlymerry), and from here, that we have a few bunnies for pets.  They live in our home, they have their very own room, they are quite a spoiled bunch.
We had these 4 for a long time, and sadly, Pepper the black Netherland Dwarf passed after a long illness.  That was Dec 2011, she was 8.

These two are rescues, Velveteen and Peanut

After having old buns for awhile we decided to go crazy and get babies.
This is Stitch & Patch, born Dec 2012

So we had 5, and the young ones provided much entertainment

In Sept 2013 our special Bandit passed, she was 11, she was part of our family since she was 8 weeks old.  We still miss her

Early this year, we decided to foster some bunnies from a rescue place we visit.  That is where we picked up Peanut in 2008.  We picked up these two babies to 'foster' and have since neutered 'Rocky' - the castor colored male.  The mother was abandoned at a vets office and she had a litter of six satin kits.  We still are finding the right name for the girl.  I'm pretty sure that fostering for us means, they won't be leaving us.

 Because I am highly allergic to rabbits, I thought it would be a good idea to bring home this 'foster' who hasn't left either.  Everyone should embrace their allergies the way I do.  I named her Brandy, as the name she had was dumb and obviously she is a Brandy.

Because the other bunnies didn't really like Brandy (I think they are jealous of her fabulous color) she lives in my sewing studio.  Naturally, that's what you do when you have a big time allergy, you get the biggest one available and move her into the space you are in the most.  
Brandy is a flemish giant and weighs about 15 lbs (which is actually a small flemish giant)

She likes hanging out while I sew

Keep Calm and Quilt On


LethargicLass said...

nice to meet them all :)

LethargicLass said...

nice to meet them all :)

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Wow.. just wow

Sarah_L_N said...

Aw, they are all lovely :) and Brandy's ears are amazing!

Leanne said...

You are a goof, in the best possible way. I bet you live on allergy pills. A giant bunny hopping about the sewing studio is such a great image. I am glad to know one can neuter them at least.