Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A side Trip to NYC

I'll have more on my trip in a different post - for this post, I wanted to share something I learned on a short trip to NYC last week.  

I met Erin Wilson.  Was I aware of her before this, no.  But I am now.  

Erin is a textile artist based in Brooklyn. 
She hand dyes her fabric.  
She was open,  sharing, and humble when I met her at The Art Quilt Gallery in New York, where some of her quilts were on displaydisplay.  

She answered all of our questions in detail, explained her process, and was also curious about our methods.  
(all photos of Erin's quilts are posted with her permission)

Erin Wilson: Storyboard #20 30"x 24"
I can not even begin to tell you how inspired I was by Erin's work.

This is how big one of her squares are:

Each one was that small! I was / still am blown away.  These are NOT paper pieced or fused, she free sews all of them.  

Erin Wilson:  Shape Study 15

I don't often see something so new to me that it catches my breath and makes me want to see where my quilting and patchwork can take me, this exhibit did this.  

This was a whole other level of art work made with fabric.  Fabric and colors that I love and work with almost daily.  This exhibit and speaking to Erin truly made me happy to be in the world of quilters.  
Erin Wilson:  Landscape Squares

My thumb for scale.

This is what I took away from seeing her quilts:
The minimalism of her squares
The tiny tiny sashings
The seemingly effortless way the colors came together (I'm sure that was not effortless)
How two people will see a block in two different ways
Erin's willingness to share 
Her binding 
And a head full of motivation and inspiration

Erin's quilts are currently on display at The Art Quilt Gallery in New York

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Leanne said...

I know her work from a bee where she was the inspiration, but somehow I did not realize how small the blocks were. It's beautiful and sure makes me want to make some too.