Sunday, June 28, 2015

House of the Rising Sun

Pillows are super gratifying in that I can have an idea and then have a completed project within 12 hours, even adding a bit of sleep in the middle of working on the pillow
I pulled Alison Glass fabrics that reminded me of the ocean and sand.  
I cut strips with my rotary, but no ruler to have them odd shaped and give a little improv natural look to the landscape.

I quilted meandering lines in both areas, using a variegated blue thread on the ocean and a gold Aurifil thread in the sand section

As I stopped for the night, I was not sure how to complete the sky section of Chambray to make it stand out from the ocean. By the time I woke up I had decided on a sun rising (because I'm on the East Coast) 

I glued down the rising sun and stitched over it with free motion squiggles.  After quilting, with no backing, just batting, I trimmed to a 16" square to fill to a 14" pillow.

And now a finished improv pillow for a beach fan 

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carolaj3 said...

Love the pillow. The sun just "makes" the pillow sing!