Friday, June 26, 2015

Tokyo Subway Map

Sometimes I make a quilt top with no idea how to quilt it, or what I'm going to do with the quilt.  Sometimes I just make the quilt top because I want to.  

I completed this top a few years ago, couldn't decide how to quilt it, or what to do about borders, so I  put it away.  Here is the post when I actually finished the top. I think there are 1600 2" squares in this top, it's a beautiful colorful pattern.

I came across the top about a month ago in my search for a Kona bundle (that I know I own, and still can't find) and knew immediately some matchstick quilting would be just the thing, and borders schmorders, who needs borders. But first I needed a back and maybe a huge label.

And some help with the basting (teach them young)

So here we are all nice and crinkly from washing, with a huge label so everyone knows her name. 

I quilted with 4 different Aurifil colors in a crosshatch pattern, not really a pattern though, I just quilted as I felt an area needed more.  Actually it's hard to stop matchsticking once you start, I want to do the whole thing, I made myself leave open spaces for this quilt, but I also tried to have every square touched with quilting. 

The Tokyo Subway Map pattern is available in Oh, Fransson (Elizabeth Hartman) website.  
I am pleased that I waited to quilt this until I had the perfect idea for quilting.  I know some people don't like to have incomplete projects, but I have to have the right feelings about a quilt to work on it.  Whether it's piecing or quilting, my interest needs to be piqued.  And now I have a beautiful finished quilt!


LethargicLass said...

it really is such a lovely, cheerful quilt! And I love your little baster :)

Heidi said...

The quilting is so perfect for this quilt, and I also love the huge label you made.
It is a rare thrill when I know how I will quilt before a flimsy is done, and I often have to ponder for ages before the right idea hits!
What a giggle seeing your little trainee! Just be mindful of the child labor laws and withhold her pay ...