Friday, March 23, 2012

Hopping the Subway

FOREVER ago, last year this time, I was in a swap to make Tokyo Subway Map Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!

The Flickr group was ingenious!  There were 25 of us in the group and we each made 25 of one block.  Then we sent them to one person who sent us back one of each block to complete the quilt!  Mine was Block 3.  These were my 25 of Block 3, and I posted about them waaayyy back in May 2011.  It's a really long post, so you don't need to read it all, just go look at the pretty photos.  

As things happen in groups, we were left with 3 blocks to complete ourselves to make up the whole quilt top.  I finally made my last 3 this past week. I did have to re-work one block from the exchange, but I took it apart and when I re-sewed, it fit the rest perfectly.  Getting 25 blocks not from the same machine or quilter, is going to leave you with some ill fitting seams.  But, I have to say I was very happy that these blocks for the most part were very spot on.   

In a not to often glimmer of forethought, I had left all the numbered tags on each block, otherwise I'm not sure they would have went together, in any sort of cohesive order.  The map would have been going all over the place,  Line A would have taken you to Las Vegas and then hop on Line B which would take you to Pittsburgh.  Neither of which are in Tokyo, so there you go.  

And now, this baby is all together and ready for a back.  I'm not adding a border, I think it is gorgeous the way it is.  Thank you swap group ladies, I couldn't have put all those 2" squares together without you.


Katie said...

That's fabulous, Mary! I'm in two fabric swaps right now so I'll have enough prints to do it, but a flickr block swap sounds like a much better way to do it!

daisy and jack said...

wow the quilt looks great - might have to put that on my to do list !