Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christmas In April

Bought this cute sweettreat from http://www.sweettreat.com/Version2/catalog/ , (I would put that site in one of those cute 'click here' buttons, but I don't know how - so please tell me how to do that, or just live with it) but fat quarters aren't enough and I waited too long to order more from Pincushion. So, after a internet search which also gave me more shopping opportunities, I finally received the rest of the stash from 2 different retailers which meant 2 packages. This will make a cute baby quilt, but not this week.
Also, got this fat quarter pack from SewMamaSew, it is a good one, the fabrics go so well together.

I found a few of my own fabrics to add to the package, because fat quarters aren't enough.

Then I promptly broke up the group that I liked so well together to work on this....picture of what I am making in the back. Since I broke up the group, I'll need a new internet search for more of the fabrics in this group, which will mean more packages! This group also started from one of those cute sweettreat packages, because when you are at that booth at a show, all their cute packaging suck you in and you buy tons of little fat quarter sets that you have to either order more fabric for or eventually break up. And breaking up is hard to do.

And these blocks are coming out sooooo friggin cute! Finished all the blocks, now the connectors. And then, really, I need to quilt some of these tops I'm finishing.

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