Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here are the blocks and sashing for Citrus.  I love these blocks!  I used the grey with yellow dot to tone down all the brightness.  Wouldn't want to blind anyone.  With a 4 1/2" center, they went together quick, quick, quick.  Quick is good.  The orange dots will be the center for sashing, also 4 1/2" square.
And the sashings....I needed two groups, because I am working with fat quarters.  So I played and rearranged and ended up with one group of lime, grey/white, multi, and charteuse.  After playing some more and rearranging, and trying to audtion new fun fabrics, for the second group I ended up with lime, grey/white, multi and charteuse.  Well, hmmmm, right, they are exactly the same just different. 

This is the part where the un-sewing comes in to play.  I have 2 1/2" strips, 4 sewn together for the sashing.  I put this one strip on wrong side up.  I am saving it for later, if I need it, then I will un-sew.  Un-sewing though a fact of sewing, is not something to strive for, although I un-sew in a lot of projects.
I have 2 rows of sashing sewn together and 2 rows of blocks.  Looking a little like this...... then I became distracted by Ugly Betty.  Which I only got to see a few minutes of before becoming distracted by paperwork, computer work, and then a piece of cake needed all my attention.  So I DVR'd Ugly Betty and will get back to Citrus this evening.

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