Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Here it is....Spring. Cherry Blossom blossoming in my yard. Thank you Mother Nature.

This is the fabric that I fell in love with when I was working the Mancuso show in Hampton, VA in February. It was in a booth across from me, and partly because I was staring at the fabric in this booth all day, for 3 days, I shopped quite a bit in this booth. Fabric by Anna Griffin. Oh, but I do love these birds in this color way. This will be the background to show off the birds.

This is the color pallette I chose for the top. See? I love fall colors. But I like to throw in a splash, like the blue. Gives the eye a little punch when you see the finished top.

Completed top. Log cabin style blocks in the center, I wanted to leave large areas to show the birds in the background fabric. I added the boxes on the sides to add some width. It is still a little long, but I used ALL the pretty bird fabric. Obviously not quilted yet, and alas, this pretty top must go to the back of the line for now. Two other tops with deadlines are going to be quilted first.

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