Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding the Right Quilting Thread

I LOVE this Dr. Seuss by Robert Kaufman line!  I didn't know when I  bought so MANY yards what I would be making or who would be receiving!  Luckily, my niece had a baby boy not too long ago, recipient picked!  I try to make the baby quilts simple, so they are quick and will be used.  
I hope this baby doesn't go color blind from the brightness - I know the back was freaking me out.  I have enough left of everything for 2 more quilts.  I didn't really want that much fabric, but it all ended up in the 'cart'.  At the time, much of the fabric was backordered, so the packages just kept coming.  I'd get one, and think, that has to be all!  And then a few days later I would get more.  

I LOVE thread.  I have thread galore, I always want som'more!  I love the thread store!  But will I have the right color for quilting this top?  Sometimes just the right shade isn't there, and with my stash (this isn't all of it), I can't believe I don't have the one I need.   I tend to buy the same colors over and over, and not much of the color ways I don't work with much.  

Looking for the right shade of blue.  

I did a whimsical quilting pattern, Like Dr. Seuss, really simple, and all over the place.  The lines did not have reason, except to me, on the horizontal; on the vertical I followed a more straight forward approach. 

I cut this stripe on the bias for the binding.  First time I ever cut on the bias.  Ever.  It worked fine, and I had enough for the bias cutting.  And now, the quilt is packed, shipped and will be delivered to the baby boy.  

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