Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I've worked on this week.....

I had a fabric that I thought I wanted to use as a focal that I pulled from my stash.  Moving from one room to another offered a chance to see fabric I haven't seen for awhile, and wanted to use, use, use.  And, I just need to start another top, because I have NONE which need to be quilted.  If I just quilted from here to the end of June, I might catch up. So,  I perused the internet looking for a pattern or an idea to go with this focal fabric, the focal became less the focal and just more one of the fabrics.  I wanted to use it as a focal, because I have A LOT of it, but some will linger for another project around the bend.  The focal WAS going to be the fabric on the top sqaure, outer border.  All the other fabrics just WENT with it well.  

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with these fabrics, but I was on a quest to put them in something.  Something right now.  So, I came across a picture of a pattern after click click clicking all over the place.  No directions, no measurements, just here I am, please copy me.  Turns out it was a quilt done by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!; of which I'm a fan of her style.  Naturally, it would be something I was attracted too, and it looked like a quicky.  It could have been a quicky, except for the running out of sashing and the follow up search for more.
These blocks are just square in a square or a simple log cabin style.  I paired bold prints for the outer borders with shot cottons from Kaffe Fassett collection for the middle round.  After I was going on Friday, and realized I would not have enough in 1 yard of sashing fabric; I was off on a 3 hour 3 quilt shop hunt for the Kona shade, hoping I would not have to order on line or piece together scraps.  Success at the 3rd shop!  I bought extra.  And that handy dandy Kona reference card was a savior.  I wanted this top done this night!  And it was, except for one bit of sashing along the top.

The tricky part was making sure all the partial squares went the right way after cutting.  I used IVY from Kona Cottons for the sashing.  The sashing for each 4 block square is 1 1/2 " and the sashing around each square is 2".  The other tricky part was that I used some fat quarters for the outer borders, and damn those fat quarters; I had to add some fabrics after the initial pull of fabrics.  I try to buy at least 1/2 yards, but sometimes there are fat quarters just calling your name to them.  

I still have to decide if I want an outer border.  It's large enough for a couch quilt as is, but for a bed it will need another border.  I love the way this top turned out!  I added the blue at the last minute, and I think this added a little sparkle.  I don't think the top is bland or dark, it is the wonderful fall colors I enjoy.  P.S. You can see a preview of my new wood floor and green walls in these photos.  Will have to blog on the new room as soon as the second new window is installed and I can complete my move without having to worry about cleaning everything before the window install and after.  

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