Friday, February 18, 2011


I thought I was finished with pink, but no, there is still more of it laying around and apparently girl babies are still being born, and they still like pink.  I like to throw in other colors like the red, and aqua; so it isn't ALL pink.  Oh, there is a little orange too.  

I cut 4 1/2" triangles to put together.  This is going to be a simple top, but stunning with the color!  Using up some of my black and white Dr. Seuss.  I wanted one side of the squares to all be the same.   Sewing triangles together is so easy and quick.  This top went together fast.  

 I end up with a pile of triangles sewn together.  I didn't count before this point.  I get to anxious to start sewing after some cutting, and cutting is a little boring, I want to sew and see what the squares look like.   I had cut triangles of each of the colors I was using, and it was a big pile, but NEVER do I have enough cut the first round.  
After pressing all the little flags open, I did count.  I was going for 10 rows of 10, 100 (I can do some math), only 40 more to go, so more cutting, sewing, pressing.  I pressed toward the color, away from the white.

After some random placements, I decided to arrange the darkest triangles to make a "J", for the baby's name I rotated a few a different direction to make the "J" look right.  I thought it was a cute idea, until I showed my husband, and he didn't see the 'J' in there.  Really?  To me it is so obvious.  So, I emailed a picture to some quilter friends, and they saw the "J", so I decided I was originally asking the wrong audience.  

I hate when this happens!  I can never get the pieces back up there just the way I originally had them placed!  Even looking at a picture.

I ended up adding a border of 4 1/2" squares of the pinks, to make the quilt larger.  Just the triangles wasn't large enough, and this was just right for a baby.  

Momentarily, I had hope that I wouldn't have to piece a back, that a yard of fabric would just STRETCH across the back, but no.  I had to piece, because I added that square border.  I used more of the pink squares and threw them in there for the back.  When I showed my husband (I must stop doing that) he said the squares made a cross, which was not my intention, and Ok,  they did resemble a cross a little bit, I will admit.    

I used Matilda cotton/ wool blend batting and Aurifil thread (pink!) for the straight line quilting.  I did outline the 'J' with quilting, and you can see it on the back, except I didn't take a picture of that, so I have no proof, you'll just have to take my word for it.    


AnyoneCanQuilt said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. This quilt is gorgeous!! I loooove the half square triangles. Tell your husband to give the bunnies an extra snuggle for me! :)

Issabella The Cat said...

I LOVE this quilt!
Kaffe and Seuss I don't think combinations get better than this :)

Mary Menzer said...

I always feel every quilt can use a little bit of Kaffe!