Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project with Swap blocks

So these were blocks I received from a block exchange.  They are all wonky log cabin style.  I provided 2 pieces of fabric to each lady, they added the rest.  It is a very pot luck color frenzy.  My original idea for these was a Denise Schmidt stlye log cabin, but it was looking less and less like that was happening.
I put some of the blocks up on the wall and liked this grey Kona Cotton as a backdrop, and still I was not sure what was going to happen with they gorgeous blocks.
During my studio move, I pulled out all my Sky Dyes from Mickey Lawler that I had spent a wad of cash on in previous years.  Aren't they gorgeous.  But at this point they are just sittin' folded up on the shelf not doing anyone any good.
So, what if I pair up some of these wonky blocks with this beautiful tree painted fabric.  My firefighter son came over, and he said it looks like a forest fire.  Something I had never seen, but I'm not arguing.  He also claimed the final product.
And here is where I have wonked up the wonky log cabin blocks even more.  Added a few more Kona Cotton solids to the mix.  Now, to put this bad boy together.  I want to slice and dice the tree painting, but I'm scared.  It is a gorgeous piece, not sure if the slicing will do it justice.  And once sliced, that is it.  

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Meerkat said...

I like your colourful blocks!