Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Party Pooping Penguins

I'll think of a better title for this quilt.  Still thinking of "P" words that go with Penguin.  Not very many that are clean for a girl's quilt, you know, that she can repeat without a smack.  

So, cut up some strips and sew them together, pretend to your niece that you know what you are doing.  Be very confident with your strip piecing and cutting of different sizes.  Don't worry!  I know EXACTLY what I am doing.  Almost.  No?

Hmmm, Penguin fabric is directional.  That throws more thinking into this.  I don't really like to think, I like to wing it.  Get it?  Penguins?  tiny wings?  Not really?  Anyway, there isn't much Penguin fabric to work with, less than a yard.

Throw some of these stripped pieces on the wall.  Looks ok, but I think I can do better.  I hope so, cause this is looking messy.  I don't want to say I don't like it, I like all the fabrics.  

Yes, trim and turn some of the blocks.  Looking snazzy, like a Penguin in a tux.  No?  That's their every day clothes?  They don't wear clothes?  Well, how unconventional, a nudist colony of Penguins.  These are the conversations I was having with my assistant, we like to improvise our blocks as well as our talks.

Looking Good!  But need more blocks.
This is what I'm working with.  My assistant, my niece who picked the Pesky Penguins, has left us for her home, and I do miss her.  She would cut threads, press, put up on the design wall, fetch fabrics and drinks.  Yes, I miss her, she would have organized these piles for me.  And only expected ice cream in payment.  


Becky said...

aww, so sorry your lost your assistant. Sounds like she was a good one!
how about Posing, preening penguins? That's going to be a fun quilt.

Mary Menzer said...

That's a great name!