Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Block That Almost Killed Me

Putting the Pesky Penguins together.  Squared up all the blocks to 10" height, the width didn't matter as much, just the total length,of each row, and I have to trim the right sides, the left I put together straight.  Something should be straight, or there will be anarchy and the whole thing will just go in the finished tops pile and I'll get back to it never.

As I was pressing a row, I noticed that ladder was gone!  I mentioned the ladder HERE.  I asked my husband did he caulk the window, cause that is why the ladder has sat there for 7 months?  Well, he says, no, I needed the ladder out back.  He had more explanation, but my head was in the oven with the gas on, so I didn't hear the rest.  Not really, I don't have gas, but if I did, that is where my head would have been.  I just banged it against the wall a few times.  
 I have all the Penguins together and I love how it all looks, but I think the whole top should be wider.  I'm leaving it up to look at until I figure out how to add a border to one side.  I can add more solids, as a border, but I only want it on one side. I can hang the fabrics up to audition.  I'm not sure.  Thinking.  I can add one more block on each row, which would be a lot of work, but would look the best.  I hate when the best solution is the one with the most work.

This block was for my Christmas Fabrics Bee.  She wanted an improv block highlighting the snowmen, she provided all the pretty fabrics.  This is very Christmasy, and I want to see all her blocks together, very patchwork.

For my Honey Bees Bee August (I am actually ahead as it is still July!) she wanted stars in the this very soft feminine fabric line.  I can't wait to see her blocks together too, this is going to be so soft!  I made the tri-rec star.  This star is a favorite go to block when I'm making traditional blocks.  I haven't made one for awhile, and it felt like an old friend.

For the second block I made the same tri-rec stars, but smaller and added nine patches for the opposing squares.  Both blocks are 12.5" Kona Snow is the background, and I'm finding I like the Snow vs White.

Here's the block that almost killed me.  This is from the Christmas Fabrics Bee, JUNE.  I was so intimidated by the directions.  She was like, Oh, make me a whimsical tree!  But no applique, and no wonk, please.  Thank you.  And then I was all OMG!  No wonky!  No applique?  WTH?  I think she is trying to kill me, and she is being so polite about the whole thing!  You can see how hard these directions are, right?  This group is so awesomely talented, I was worried I wouldn't measure up without wonky to back me up.  Oh, you don't like it, well it is wonky, up for interpretation!  Finally yesterday, a whole month late, I tackled the tree block.  I felt so guilty looking at the fabric package every day and doing nothing, but in my defense, it was glaring back and there was a rotary cutter close by.  AND IT WASN'T THAT HARD.  Which is usually the case when I think a block is going to be soooo difficult, but I'm going to pretend it was REALLY hard, as it was trying to kill me the whole time.  Anyway, I didn't die, I didn't use applique or paper piece, the block is in the mail and Julie was very gracious and patient for her block.  Thank you Julie!  


Leanne said...

What a lot of beautiful blocks! And your quilt is wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing how it all finishes up.

The Sunflower Patch said...

Love that snowman block :)