Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunny Bonanza

I made this quilt a whole 18 months ago.  Even had it quilted all those long months ago, but, umm, since it was for my family, no binding.  I'm horrible at that last step, I don't know why I feel that this step is torture.  

I printed photos of our pet bunnies on paper backed fabric, I haven't washed the quilt yet, so I'm hoping the photos hold out in the wash.  

We had four bunnies, 2 pairs, one passed away last weekend, so I wanted to put the binding on the quilt and put it back out on the sofa.  

With nine photos the quilt turned out square, but it is really just for a reminder of our babies, I didn't work on not making it square.  Also, I was using fat quarters and they were all used up.  

I have just one more circle of flying geese to complete for NuBees November, I am liking this block!  I even found one harder I'm going to try.  

The black baby girl - Pepper, was her name - was the one who passed.  She was bonded with the white bunny - her name is Bandit.  

Now we are trying to get this guy to become friends with little Bandit.  Success?  Looks like it.  


Leanne said...

I hope you are able to turn on a movie or a tv show or some favourite music and get your binding done. The bunnies are very cute, sorry that you lost one.

Becky said...

I hate binding too. I try to look at it as a way to veg on the couch with a warm quilt.
I love the circle of geese - i hope someone does them for sew modern!
Those bunnies are adorable. Hope the white one loves his new friend.