Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gift Done

I guess it was Nov 2009 I last went to NYC, there are two quilt stores I try to visit when I'm there.  City Quilter is one and Purl SoHo is the other.  Both nice shops with different vibes.  I saw a bag I wanted at Purl Soho, it was in their window.  It was made from Echino Oilcloth and it was simply gorgeous.  Me:  Is that bag for sale?  Saleslady: No, that is for display, but you can buy the supplies and make your own.  Me:  Well, I'm willing to just buy the one already made, how much?  Saleslady:  I'm sorry it isn't for sale, but you really can make your own.  Me:  (inside my head:  hahaha!  just let me buy the damn thing, because I'm sure you think it is super easy, and I will never actually make it) actual voice:  Sigh, ok, where are the supplies?  Oilcloth, it ain't cheap.  But the pattern was on their BLOG, and it was FREE!    

So, $40 later, for supplies for one of those re-useable green grocery totes that you can buy at Target or wherever for 99 cents.  But the pattern was free, so thank you for small favors.   

AND when I printed out the pattern, it was 19 pages long!  Next time I'll just bookmark it!  My tote is on the right, I made it as soon as I got home, because damn, I just spent $40 for a grocery tote, and even though I am prone to purchasing patterns and supplies and letting them sit, even I was like, really?  $40, I'm making this thing.  After making mine, I had leftover oilcloth, because apparently $40 in oilcloth is really enough for TWO bags!  Finally, I am using up the leftover oilcloth, and I even kept the pattern with the oilcloth, which, is so not like me.  I'm giving the new bag to my sister for Christmas.  I think I might have enough left for one more smaller one, yippee, 3!  So, one trip to NYC = $1000 (I'm guessing that figure, I have no idea) - Oilcloth = $40 - 19 pages of paper, photo ink,= $5 TOTALS 3 GROCERY TOTES you can get for $3 from Target.  Merry Freaking Christmas!   

The back that should be a front, pinning this right now (not literally, but when I'm finished here) and needs to be quilted in 24 hours.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!  I hope.

The Front.  
P.S. I love my grocery tote and use it all the time.


Leanne said...

You can surely do the quilting in time and it will be a lovely quilt! Your bag story is too funny, your lovely bags are one of a kind originals, surely that counts too. I never do the math on handmade items!

Foxflower said...

Oh, that bag story is too funny! Made me laugh. I'm glad you are getting use out of it. A bood "grocery" bag can have so many uses.

H2Ogirl said...

Tee hee. . yes the things we do! Love it! Hope your quilting goes without a hitch! ♥

qwilltr said...

Do you need to come over...I'm home Fri through can use the HQ!