Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geese are flying

Per my usual, I have overcommitted February to the hilt.  On top of the Mouthy Stitches Pouch swap (which I finished, and on time!), I am in the FTLOS2 swap.  Now, I will admit that when the first round was going on I saw the photos on blogs and flickr - and I wanted in!  There were such exciting ideas happening in the group.  When round 2 opened up, I might not have been first in line, but I tried.  

My partner assignment shows these color choices, and I'm thinking of a table runner for her with the Kona Ash as a background.  The greens pop right out from the Ash.  

This block has become one of my favs.  It is getting easier to make, but takes no less time and no less amount of fabrics the more I make, which is irritating.  I am trying my hand at the smaller size, which, yay!  used scraps from the larger block.  More work to be done, and I'm not ready to post the progress on flickr yet, but if she comes across here, so be it!  I have another block to make and I have an idea for improv piecing to round out the perfect paper piecing.  

These geese are for ANOTHER project.  I loves the black background, and I made a reverse flying goose trying to see if I can make a flow.  It isn't working yet.
And just to prove I never say no to anything - I'm also in the Ring of Flying Geese swap, for which I have to make 8 blocks.  I have 2 made so far, but not photos.  So, actually there are more geese flying around my room that what I show here!

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