Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Step #1

One day I had no desire to sew, but I was tired of looking at this.  Ick.

Ta-Da.  I could actually use the cutting area.  I took a photo, it isn't often I can actually use a whole counters worth of surface.  

Continuing my sewing quest to try new ventures, my first cathedral window AND my first pincushion.  I did enjoy making the cathedral window part (however, spelling cathedral correctly remains a challenge).  I may make more, but a blocks worth, I don't think I can make a quilts worth of these babies.

My local QG has a challenge based on the Twelve by Twelve groups display we saw in Houston.  Our group chose colors to use as our themes and the first color is yellow..  These are my inspirations.  

My idea is a sliver in my mind and I'm hoping it grows as I start to cut, pin, and sew.  And I can only do this once, so I better love the results.  I'm cutting up a piece of Mickey Lawler fabric, that I am sure cost me a pretty penny back in 2005.  That was the stamp on the side of the piece, Mickey Lawler 2005.  It can be used now, I have successfully hoarded it long enough.  She probably doesn't even have fabric left from 2005.

12" square is really a tiny space to fit a whole idea.  I'm thinking this will be a dress ala Cinderella.

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Leanne said...

I made a couple of those pincushions, yours is lovely. And your challenge looks interesting, I hope you show us more.