Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting there takes time

Months ago, and it feels as if that was a lifetime ago, I started this quilt for our Aunt & Uncle.  They are the same age as myself and my husband.  Their son, our nephew, tragically lost his life in a terrible accident in August 2011.  

My husband asked me to make a quilt for his Aunt & Uncle from the clothing of his nephew.  As much I knew it would feel good to do something for them, it was one of the most difficult things I've done, and the quilt blocks languished.  The above blocks sat this way on my design board for the last 4 months.  And the clothing has sat in one form or another on the floor in my sewing studio.  I could no more move the clothing than I could take down the blocks from the design wall.  

I couldn't work on them, nor could I take them down, I just sort of ignored them.  As they sat, sometimes my husband would ask if I had progressed, but he did not push.  Others that knew would ask, and I could say nothing, just that I couldn't yet.  And as happens, one day this week, I decided no more.  I will finish.  That night I made these 4 blocks.  Last summer when I started, all I did was sew and cry, sew and cry.  This time, there was no crying, just determination to finish.  

Now, the blocks are sewn together in blocks of 2, the sashings are attached and tonight before I go to bed the next border will be on.  And even though I know that I have commitments to other quilters in the form of blocks and swaps, I will not be doing anything else until this is done.  My heart wants this quilt to be home.  So, please be patient with me, I will return to my regular schedule soon.

I had cut these pieces originally for the sashing and decided they were too busy, but they are going in the last border.  Jesse worked on cars, it was his passion and this fabric is fitting of a mechanic.  

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Annaliese said...

Oh wow, Mary. That must be tremendously difficult, but that quilt will be filled with so much love. Good luck finishing it, and don't apologize for anything! Quilts and stories like this is what it's all about!!