Sunday, July 7, 2013

Q2 FAL Finishes

I went back and had a looksy at what I had listed for 2013 Finish A Long, this is for the second quarter.  Not off to a good start, not even remembering what I had listed.  Surprise!  I finished two of the three quilts I listed as well as started the third.  Go Me!  Here is my post for Q2 .

First I completely finished the baby quilt and it has been sent and well received.

You can see more photos in this post.

Second I put this quilt together and quilted it.  It is waiting to be given, but it will be soon.

More photos and details can be read here.  I feel good getting both of these done and off of my WIP list.

I started the quilting on my last item in the FAL, but it is not finished.  I'm not disappointed though, I want to take my time on this one, and it is going to be a slow process.  

So, that is my list!  I'm working on what I want to add for Q3 - getting two quilts finished and ready for cuddling last month feels great!  


Leanne said...

I love both those quilts too, wonderful finishes!

Ella said...

Love the purple and green quilt!

Tammy said...

ohh love the lavender, green & aqua quilt. Absolutely amazeing.

Francine said...

Both quilts look awesome!