Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am not good at these things.  These Finish A Longs.  I never seem to finish what I listed, not because I don't want to finish these.   I just seem to finish a bunch of other things because someone needed something or it struck my fancy or I bought some cute new fabric or the guilt fairy pays a visit.  I completely forget about what I put on my list and move on to new projects because starting something new is so much more fun than digging out something forgotten.  But I am an optimist, so I am going to link up with Leanne at SheCanQuilt and make a finishing list for this quarter.

These blocks have been on my mind lately, I thought of someone that I think will like a quilt made from them.  I will put the blocks together and quilt.  These blocks were made for me in a bee, and I have to go and search which bee it was way back when.  There are a lot of blocks and somewhere I have a photo of a bunch of them together, but I can't locate it.  I finally found a photo of one of the blocks and it was in my 2011 photos file, yikes!  Luckily, by a stroke of clutter madness, I know right where all the blocks are located and the extra fabric is with them!  

I want to add a border to this baby quilt top and get it out the door.  Since the baby is now four months old.  I put this top together from squares I had cut either too big or too small, I can't remember which, while making another baby quilt.  I had intended to finish this in March at my quilt retreat, but I had too many other projects going and this was way down the list.  

I am going to quilt 'I Don't Get It' that I made for the Pantone Emerald Challenge.  I had thought about adding more border to make it wider, but I believe I will leave it the way it is.  I have backing fabric now.  I normally use a wool / cotton blend batting for quilts that will be used, but I might use something with a lower loft for this one.  

That is all I am putting on my list.  I don't want to be completely unrealistic about what I might actually finish in the next three months.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

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