Monday, August 12, 2013

Miss Me Much?

I feel like I haven't posted on my blog for ages and ages.  I have had a few sewing nights the last couple of weeks, but haven't had the time or the daylight for photos.  

I have a few trips coming up & one just passed, and I want to make a few handmade travel bags and a duffle for myself.  Yep, taking the time out of my no-time schedule to sew for myself.  First up was a travel duffle - I used Carry On Duffle pattern on Craftsy by StudioCherie.  I liked this one because the pattern included a sleeve for your suitcase handle to slip through.  

First step, order fabrics that now make your handmade travel duffle more expensive than any duffle you have ever purchased.

Second, over several nights assemble bag following directions in pattern.  This could have only taken one long afternoon or evening and night, but it took me three.  One reason, was that I made the bottom of my bag using a different fabric than the sides, I thought the owl fabric was too light and I didn't want it start to look dirty.  So there was figuring and math.  So, third, stop following directions immediately.

I quilted cross hatch diagonal on the body, and horizontal / vertical on the darker fabric.  The dark fabric comes up the side about 3 inches.  You quilt this bag like QAYG - so I zigzagged around the edges of everything.  The edges show on the inside of the bag, but the zigzag finishes the edges ( you could serge if you are so lucky to own a serger - I just fake serge).

Attaching the sleeve panel, I used duck for reinforcement of the sleeve.  I used Kona Mushroom for the interior.

Before the ends were attached

Finished about 8 hours before I have to leave on my first trip to a wedding in sunny, hot, humid FL.  Luckily, there is a beach involved.  And a Travel Duffle.

It's a bit larger than I anticipated and I really had it loaded up.  Don't think I want it quite that heavy on my next trip.  

I'm going to add a piece on to the strap that velcros both straps together for sitting on your shoulder.  I found one of the straps wanted to keep falling off.  I only added one pocket to an end, the pattern called for two, but I didn't think I would use the outside pockets much. Besides, I was in a time crunch getting the ends finished and already not following directions.  I would like a pocket on the inside though, and I'll add that to any others I make.  My grandmother has requested a copy of mine and I'm going to make hers not as wide as mine and add the handle for her.  

Think his parents would notice if he went on my next trip with me?

Keep Calm and Quilt On!



Leanne said...

Your bag is really fun! And that baby so very very cute.

Jo Jo said...

I love that you fake serge ;) I don't reckon you'd get the baby through the x-ray machine at the airport! Gorgeous bag (and baby)! X

Newbie Jen said...

Your bag looks great! I would have opted for the darker bottom too.