Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Cleaning Fairy

Sometimes I walk into my sewing room - or at least try to walk into my sewing room- and realize that I have spent a lot of time creating and not a lot of time putting anything away.  Or really anytime.  Sometimes I can't even see the floor.  Sometimes I don't want to walk through the door because no more creativity can happen in all this jumble.  

 I spent a whole day folding fabric and rearranging the fabric closet.  On the bottom are containers and packages with projects started or going to start or tops not quilted and some flannel and pillow forms.  This is organized people. 

This is not.  There is a surface, somewhere, under there.  I will find it.

I moved my ironing board.  I liked where the ironing board was, but it crowded the entry into the room.  I put it closer to my sewing table, and I pushed the sewing table out more into the room so I could walk in between.  Really an ironing board is such a cumbersome thing and there is not a good place for it to sit, so I just try to fit it in.  I think this will work better for me than where it was by the entry.  

Progress.  I can see some of the floor.  

My linens and Japanese fabrics, sorted and folded.  

My Oakshott collection - decided to put these in the fabric closet out of the dust.  The basket was just sitting out in the room, because I like looking at the pretty fabric.

And now, I see floor and surfaces.  And an empty design wall.  

My tv and fabric closet opposite my machine.  The cabinet holds the linens, japanese fabrics, some hand dyes, assorted supplies and things I have forgotten about.  I'm afraid to go through the drawers.

The view when you walk in the room.  The antique cabinet has a basket with all my rulers and my satellite radio on top, inside the cabinet are all the bee blocks I have that I haven't put together yet.  

And this is what is yet to be put away, I ran out of Comic Book Boards for folding fabric.  Also, I'm not sure I can wedge anymore fabric into that closet.  I have determined I don't 'need' anymore fabric, for at least a month.  Maybe two.  Or until I can convert another closet.

I only clean it to mess it up again - that is what creativity is for.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On


Saskia Smit said...

Good job! Well done.

Leanne said...

What a beautiful room to sew in. I love that now you can iron and look out the window or have the sun hit your fabrics. And surely there is room for another fabric shelf next to the ironing board now. I am going to buy a big basket for my rulers, what a great idea. Some things are only obvious once you see them somewhere else.

Tammy said...

Mary you have a fabulous sewing studio.