Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oilcloth Tote

I had a small marathon sewing session Friday - it felt good.  Finished up some blocks I wanted to make in ongoing projects and also some swap items for the MQG.  Unbelievably early for me on those swap items.  

I participated in a small swap between a few guilds in the DC/ VA/ MD areas.  It was nice to have our Modern Guild invited to join - I am in the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild, we are just over a year old and going strong.

This swap item was a   Lined Drawstring Bag using the tutorial provided by Jeni of In Color Order.  I like that everyone gets the same thing in this swap, simple and fun.  

I modified the pattern to use a polaroid block in the center of the front - the post it is covering my partners name.  For fun I stitched a small key to the end of the ribbon tie.  I just have to fill it with a few items and off it goes - early.

I'm also participating in a swap with my local Modern Guild.  For our August meeting we are swapping totes.  You know me, I love totes - couldn't pass up that swap.  I think I own 20 or so totes, when I get to one for every day of the year, I'll have enough.  Maybe.  

There are 3782 patterns on line for totes, I counted.  Some are free and some aren't.  I'm not a tote snob, I like all of them.  But my favorite tote is the very first tote I made and I made it for myself.  It is an oilcloth grocery tote.  

One of these totes in the photo is mine, which I made in 2009 and the other I made for my sister in 2011.  I still use mine every grocery trip. The pattern is from Purl Soho tote pattern on their blog.  I went to the store on a trip to NYC and they had the bag on display, so I promptly bought oilcloth and fell in love.  I bought how much they said for the pattern and ended up with enough for two totes and more left over.  

I love the linen backing of Echino oilcloth, you don't have to line anything made with this.  It is expensive, so I'm picky about projects using it up.  For my partner in this swap I thought this grocery tote would make a good fit, even though I am sure she would love any type of tote.  

Using Wonderclips instead of pins this time around was such a huge help in the process.  

Both sides

Done early - the new me (at least for this week)
My old bag with the new one.  

I went ahead and made myself a new grocery tote at the same time. Yep.  I think they are pretty equal, but will make sure my partner gets the one with even stitches.  

Keep Calm and Quilt On


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Leanne said...

I've never tried oilcloth, your totes look so great maybe I should try some.