Friday, January 31, 2014


Back in the beginning of December Oh, Fransson posted that she would put up one cat pattern per day for December and she called it Catvent!  Cat Cuteness!  

I made a few

But then time became my enemy, and I had to put away the fun for the more pressing Christmas sewing.  I got back to them earlier this week, as I had already made 4, I at least wanted to get a mini size of cat faces.

I decided I could go with a pillow and not have to make all 25 cats, although I might make more one day.

It enjoyed picking out the color for each cat, my newly organized scrap buckets helped.

I made 3 buckets of colors - red/orange/pink, blue/green/purple, black/white/gray/brown and one for solids.  It was so easy to find the right scraps.  I bought these containers at Walmart and they stack up nicely.

I had an 18" pillow form so that is the size pillow I went with.

Each cate had a name, and these are the first 8, I have two of the first pattern, I must have liked it so much I made it twice.  So I actually have one small cat face left over.  He might be a coaster one day to match the pillow.

I used minky on the back, in case the recipient wanted extra softness.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!

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Colleen said...

Your cat pillow is really cute! The quilting sets it off very nicely.