Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Messenger Bag

 I am determined that in between obligation sewing, I am going to sew some things for myself.  Last year I rarely sewed for myself, and even now I find it hard to make it a priority, but I do want to start and finish a few things that I want.  And have something to show in real life instead of just photos on my phone.

That rare thing, putting yourself first.  

I had the idea for this messenger bag.  I didn't have a pattern, just an idea and experience.  Sometimes these ideas work, sometimes they don't.  And in my experience sometimes they mostly look better in your imagination than when you execute.

I was going to use Duck or canvas for an interfacing, but while in JoAnn's I found Drill which is softer than Duck, will drape better,  and I think will do the same job.  The exterior pieces are all a Weavers fabric also from Joann's, color Cornstalk.  This fabric seems durable enough for a bag exterior.  

For color accents I went back to my selection of Alison Glass fabrics.  

I cut the exterior pieces all the same size, and layered with the Drill.  This is the back of the messenger bag, I added a crow with thread painting.  The crow was the idea that started the whole process of making this bag.  These are how little things grow and become huge side pieces.  

This piece is the flap that will fold over the top and cover the other main section of the messenger bag.  I fused on pieces and stitched to make a colorful plumage coming out of the side.  Going along with my bird theme.

Getting real fancy pants, I added a magnetic closure

I have no more progress photos, (my brain was hurting too much trying to figure this out without a pattern) but the result was a bag I love and I will use.  It turned out surprisingly (to me) as well as I imagined it.

I even remembered my own label (it's not really crooked, its the angle, and I know this because it was originally sewn in crooked and I had to seam rip to get it straight)

Just another crow hanging out on a wire

Here I am, off on a hot date with my new bag

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Valerie Reynolds said...

SO very creative! I love your color combinations and well, your little crow and stitched saying are ingenious!!! I'm new to your blog and added myself as a GFC follower:) I'm Val...stop by and check out my: Tuesday Archives Linky ..the linky party that rejuvenates old posts. It's been FUN!

Leanne said...

It's a lovely bag! It sure looks like a lovely spring at your house too.

Francine said...

Mary, I'm swooning over here - your bag is fantastic and super creative, not to mention beautiful!