Saturday, April 26, 2014

Studio Organization

I'm working up the nerve to go in my studio for a massive clean up.  I thought I would share some recent fabric photos and studio photos.  

Sometimes I have a clean sewing table and this happens

My sewing table does not look like that right now, it's covered with projects and fabric that needs to be put away.  Apparently my cutting table looks like this underneath the massive amount of fabrics that need folded and put away

I did recently organize all my presser feet into the Bernina storage cases.  I had way more presser feet than I thought

Double and triple of some, due to having various Bernina machines over the years and different sized needle openings.  At least they are all in one place now

In one of my cabinets I keep all my Japanese and other linen fabrics

Another cabinet is full of photos, bag making materials, and some scrapbooking supplies.  That is about to change today.  I need that cabinet space for my solids which are currently homeless.  At one point they were nicely living in this cabinet, but this side of the cutting table is now against wall and impossible to get at without moving everything.  

I have plenty of boards on hand for all the folding that is about to commence

This stack already folded needs a home somewhere in the fabric closet

This post is mostly to motivate me to get my studio back in shape.  This past week I was finding it harder and harder to get in there and sew, which happens when I've worked on projects and left out the scraps, extras, discards and progress pieces.  

I have big plans!  
What are your plans for the day?

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Wow, that is big bunny!! Good luck with the organizing. What are you going to do with the scrap booking supplies? Mine are tucked in the basement but I feel like I should do something with them.

qwilltr said...

I have been working on my spare room where my fabric lives. It has a queen sized bed that was covered in fabric from various projects. I am putting away, cleaning and weeding unused fabrics. My husband was ready to freak but the fabrics I am getting rid of are usually small pieces. Tastes change! I want to make the room habitable before Rick's sister and dad come in a couple of weeks!